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How many of you remember playing the Killer Weapons Pack in good ol' Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight? I do. Boy that was a fun mod. Well here we...


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How many of you remember playing the Killer Weapons Pack in good ol' Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight? I do. Boy that was a fun mod. Well here we have it, remade for Jedi Outcast, and I was quite excited to test this baby out. I'll admit that it's been so long that I don't recognize some of the weapon names from the original, but they're plenty of fun even if you don't recognize them. Jukebox of Doom, Weapon of Mass Destruction, Thunderbolt... all in good fun.

Some technical specs: KWP features unlimited ammunition, making killing your opponent a bit harder, since you can't rely on someone running out of ammo. There is also a grappling hook. I didn't have the pleasure of testing that, but instructions on its use are in the read-me file. With the grapple hook comes no falling damage. Many parts of JO which were not in JK have been removed, such as several weapons, pickups, and some aspects of Force push.

Now for my gripes. Surprisingly I found despite these gripes I liked the mod well enough. My main gripe is the skinning of the weapons. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't bad or anything, it just could have been better. This is true with a lot of weapon mods. The models themselves were pretty good. With the skins I found that, for my tastes, the skinner had over-emphasized the chrome look to the point where, for me, it didn't look as realistic. Other than that there really wasn't much I could find wrong with it.

Oh, a note to all: be careful where you fire some of these weapons. A few of them have huge splash damage, and the Weapon of Mass Destruction... what a recoil!


NOTE: Make sure to read the read-me thoroughly for more information, as well as important installation instructions.

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Title		 : Killer's Weapons Pack 
Version          : 1
Author           : Mr. Rodgers
File Name	 :

- This mod is serverside AND client side. You will need to have this if a server is running it. That's IF...  

- This is a recreation of Killer's Weapons Pack mod for Jedi Knight. Original author ID_JUNKGUY. 
Killer's Weapons Pack was without a doubt, the most popular weapon mod in a vast sea of weapon 
mods made for Jedi Knight. KWP was released 3 years after JK was, and this is released 3 years 
after JO was. Go figure...

- All game alterations are made to recreate exactly what was featured in KWP. 
There are a few slight alterations to tailor to the Quake engine. (Read weapon notes). 
A few minor additions as well that can be removed with cvars.

- If you were a fan of KWP, all your favorites are here... Push missile, Jukebox of Doom, Thunderbolt, etc...

- New cvars list at bottom of readme.

- KWP game search function added to server listings.



UNZIP using folder paths to Gamedata folder. DO NOT UNZIP TO BASE FOLDER. This should automatically create a KWP folder 
in Gamedata.
If you do not unzip using folder paths, create a folder within Gamedata called "KWP". Place all contents of zip there.

If you plan on playing KWP at any time, I recommend launching with the "launch_KWP.bat" file in KWP folder EVERYTIME. 
If you launch this mod without the bat file, the in game text made for KWP (death messages, new weapon names, etc...) 
will not get loaded, and will default to basejk text. I don't know why the engine insists on doing this, but this is 
the way it is.
Heck, maybe even create a shortcut for the .bat file on your desktop?



add +fs_game KWP to the command line. 
example - "C:\LucasArts\Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast\GameData\jk2ded.exe" +set fs_game KWP

There is a help command in the console that displays a message for clients that have joined a server. The help
message tells a client the server is running this mod and to download the mod if you don't have it. This is done 
because this mod is also client side and a client could crash if they don't have it in Gamedata.

If you run a pure server, clients can not join whatsoever and will be immediately kicked from the game, and therefore
never even get a chance to use the help command. Use discretion in your server title.

Remember to run a dedicated server on client side as well.

If you even get as far as to run this on your server, beer is on me.



Laser Rifle
Sniper Rifle
Nuclear Grenades
Jukebox of Doom
Weapon of Mass Destruction
Multi-Projectile Assault Cannon


-Unlimmited ammo on ALL weapons.

-Grapple Hook. (bind a key in weapons menu, or bind a key to "+button12")

-No falling damage.

-Demp, Disruptor, and Detpacks disabled. 
(They were not in JK, therefore not modded in original KWP, therefore not here)
However, there was conc rifle in JK1 and not one here, so I stuck the multi-projectile assault cannon
on the flechette. Heck, the thing was pretty much already coded to lob thermals out. Lucky me.

-All ammo pickups disabled. (don't need 'em)

-Force push will not repel projectiles back at you. 
(Again, this feature was not in original JK, therefore not in original KWP, therefore not here. Plus, with
the damage these new weapons do, this function is far too efficient.)



In original KWP, using fists would drop mines. Endless mines. However, we have no fists in
JO, and crap if I want to add fists. What a pain. We have a stun baton instead. I could have made the 
stun baton drop endless mines, but nothing will crash a game faster than 10 dozen mines lying all over
the place. The stunner has a new function. Read cvar list.

Main fire charge would shoot concs AND force destruct balls. Considering JO does not have force destruct, 
I supplemented them for rockets instead. I could have easily created an EFX file to look like force destruct, 
but rockets are more familiar to JO players so let's just go with that instead.

This weapon was borderline pointless in original KWP. So many projectiles came out of that thing that
it lagged the game beyond belief. You were not allowed to use it, if you did.. you'd get warned and/or kicked. 
To prevent this from happening here, and to prevent this weapon from being disabled, it has been slightly altered but 
remaining true to how the weapon acted. This had to be done. The weapon crashed me anytime I used it during the 
beta stages.

Main fire used to lob endless thermals out at a high rate of fire, 
now it lobs 8 at a time with a decreased fire time. Alt fire would spew out 5 lasers with the same rate of fire, 
and they bounced twice. PROJECTILES EVERYWHERE. This does the same, except it spews out ONE laser that uses 
an EFX file to look like FIVE. Sorry, this had to be done this way, or the weapon will crash the game and 
therefore never see the light of day.

Interesting enough, the thing just ends up acting like a beefed up flechette.




Altfire on Weapon of Mass Destruction will not only push you, but knock you down as well. This could 
potentially get seriously annoying in small confines, having to get back up from the knockdown animation 
over and over without the ability to fire back at the guy pushing you, so I have added a cvar to remove 
the knockdown animation from this weapon.

-"1" Default. Enables knockdown.
-"0" Disables knockdown.

Using force lightning will only electrocute you, and not the person you are intending it for. All gunners
would agree that this is hilarious. But chances are if you are using this mod, lightning is the last thing
you'd ever attempt to use.

-"1" Default. Lightning kills yourself.
-"0" Disables.

Stun Baton will INSTASTUN anyone with a saber. But ONLY those with a saber. Again, all gunners would agree
that this is hilarious. Agreed?

-"2" Default. Instastun saberists and take no damage from sabers if you have stun baton.
-"1" Instastun saberists but still get damage from sabers.
-"0" Disables.

If for some reason you decide on using this mod in CTF.

-"1" Default. Grapple is enabled.
-"0" Disables grapple.


-Zam Rifler model by NeoMarz1 (Mars).
-MIB and Terminator weapon models by Darth Hatrus.
-Blood+ Mod by Chris 'snowgim' Reed.
-Bullet model, firing effect, and wall impact effect on Sniper Rifle created by Cjone2.
-Shot and muzzle effect on blue lasers by NeoExelor.
-Grapple hook model by Tercero.
-Original KWP created by ID_Junkguy.





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