Knights of Deus Legio Skinpack



individual opinion? :p). Some of them are lacking in detail; most notable the ones that don't use recoloring techniques lack most body shading. The following skins are included, each with clan tags:

  • Stormpilot
  • Gran
  • Master
  • Master (girl)
  • Master (young)
  • Rodian
  • Trandoshan
  • Weequay

The Rodian is probably my favorite one, as it seems most fitting. I'd have to say the old Master is my least favorite, simply because of the whitening of the hair, which could have been done better or more realistically -- the stubble is still dark, and the face looks like a young guy with white/gray hair.Overall, not bad for a clan pack. The quality's high enough where it probably couldn't be considered your average clan skin. It does still have the tags, though, so unless you're a regular visitor of their server you probably won't find these skins very useful.Team Support: NoBot Support: NoNPC Support: NoNew Sounds: No~Inyri


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