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The Pit from Mortal Kombat seems to have found its way into the Star Wars universe. The platform is just big enough for a comfortable duel a...


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The Pit from Mortal Kombat seems to have found its way into the Star Wars universe. The platform is just big enough for a comfortable duel and the catwalks aren't the most narrow I've played. But if you fall ... watch out for the spikes. ;) If you do happen to live ... there is a way back up. The teleporters at the end of the buildings. And thank you for not making them elevators. Could you imagine how freakin' slow that would be?

Anyway, I like this map. It's a well-designed duel map. The lighting seems to be a tad muted, but maybe that was intentional. Though with the fire pit things, I would expect a darker map. A lot could be added to the atomosphere if the map were darker. Since in this map you can die by the saber or by a spike, there's a double threat of death, therefore giving this map a more foreboding feeling to it. Darkness would help portray that. Overall, a decent map ... fun to duel on. :)

Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes Game Type: Duel


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Download 'kombat_pit.zip' (1.73MB)

Author: Digital Vapor (aka- [PK] Azlon)

E-Mail: digitalvapor@msn.com
Alt-Email: JeronCal@aol.com

Clan Website: http://members.aol.com/JeronCal/PhantomKnights/

Name of the MOD: The Kombat Pit

This is a Mortal Kombat themed map based on The Pit from the hit game series. I know it will cater to the push-whores, but for the sake ok keeping with the theme, falling from the bridge over the spikes will kill you. I would have the player die when hitting the spikes but there was one thing to keep me from doing this. Due to the limitations of the engine, I couldnt have the player die ON the spikes without killing him when walking between the spikes. But I placed the trigger_hurt only above the spike field so you can still fight on the ground amongst the spikes just like in MK Trilogy. You get from bridge to ground and back via teleporters in the end-buildings. 

-=THERE IS NO BOT SUPPORT=- <:o( SORRY!, I really can't figure that part out yet. Maybe if someone would like to help, I could add it later.

*****KNOWN BUGS*****
There are some lighting and texture problems, but they are forgivable. Also, if a player jumps from a spike or torch at FULL force jump, they will cross into the trigger_hurt and die. This was unavoidable. But the biggest flaw is the sadly unavoidable framerate drop when fighting between the spikes. It was only tested with bots but theres no doubt that it will occur with live players. That should be it but as always, if you find a bug PLEASE let me know.

Raven for making this game, and to Midway for Making Mortal Kombat

to install extract the pk3 file from the zip file and place in your base folder inside Jedi knight 2 directory
then load map, choose your character and have fun. You should really only use this as a duel map as more than two kombatants may cause horrible lag

Visit my Website at http://members.aol.com/JeronCal/PhantomKnights/


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