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Strange maps interest me (Probably why I like alot of Shroom's work :P). Now this map called kooky playground pretty much lives upto it's...


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Strange maps interest me (Probably why I like alot of Shroom's work :P). Now this map called kooky playground pretty much lives upto it's name. This map seems to be a random assortment of player made mini games (quite a few I've played before this map was made). The map itself isn't incredibly detailed and the lights on this map are pretty blinding, I don't even think it was compiled on fullvis. Anyway some of these mini games are quite fun, like rocket tennis and thermal dodgeball. Then there's a firing range and a 'human cannon'. Load up on health, sheilds and armour then drop some detpacks into the bottom of this tube and fire, you shoot off into the sky :P. Fun for a short while. There is also a bar that has a working grill which doesn't burn you! As well as a secret exit (think skywards). The huge tower in the middle has two lifts going up which brings you to a platform with spinning boxes flying around you in a circular motion. As well as a button with a target on, press that and watch the falling rocks kill anyone on the target pad, yay! There's also a very obvious secret room which leads out to the pool, won't spoil that for you.

Now for the main crunch, it's a crazy map which I like alot, although there isn't any music with the map :(. I'd of liked some crazy song or tune as backing. There are lots of custom textures in this map, including one scary purple dinosaur. No bot support although I really can't see how a bot would navigate this level hehe. So yeah it's not a bad download in my opinion, although only download it if you like random crazy things.

-Map Stats- New Textures: Yes! New Sounds: No! Bot Support: No!


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Download 'kookyplayground.zip' (2.21MB)

JK2 Map - Kooky Playground
Created by Bobv, bobvguy@yahoo.com, or v_vengrenyuk@hotmail.com

Installation -
Extract Kookyplayground.pk3 into your Gamedata/Base folder

Description - 
This is a map i made with plenty things to do, there are some unconvential games like Rocket Tennis and Thermal Grenade Dodgeball, this map has some place for RPing also, like the bar - (with working grill!) and the hangout room under the big tower. I also put in a few secrets in this map, for example there are two ways for the bartender to get out of the bar if things get rough, not including the front door, and there are three ways to get into the swimming pool, only one of them being through the top - all directly connected, but im not telling how :P

Credits - 
http://www.grsites.com/textures/   -stole a few textures

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