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Knights of the old Republic.

Let me just say right now, that anyone who manages to bring elements of that game successfully to Jedi Outc...


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Knights of the old Republic.

Let me just say right now, that anyone who manages to bring elements of that game successfully to Jedi Outcast has my approval ;D

Such is the case with the three files Revan, the author of this file submission brings to us. The game itself has some seriously beautiful art that came in box and out, advertising the game and so on. The art mentioned has been put to some very good use, as Revan has gone ahead and added it to the Main Menu Screen. What's more, it manages to capture the essence of the Knights of the old Republic theme. With the characters collaged about across the screen, this is one main menu screen that I'll be hangin onto for personal use :D One thing to add however, the screen kinda stretches a tad, but it's definately forgivable given the quality of the screen itself.

The second part of the impressive three file submission are some different saber colors. Perhaps the more subtle of the modifications included here would be the changes made to the saber colors. As mentioned, they are certainly subtle, not a very big change from the normal saber colors but a welcome addition. The red colored saber imho is the color that shows the most difference from the normal color selection and the modification. The colors themselves are a nice change, not particularly vibrant, but if the author was looking to mimic the colors of the sabers found in the KOTOR game itself, he managed to do it nicely.

Maybe my favorite part of this pack,(though that's up for a tough debate with the awesome Main menu screen XD) would have to be the Lightening modification. Gone are the bright blue's of the surging electrical charge seen when the darkside power is used. Now, they've been replaced with a whitened core and fainter outer glow. This change looks very much like the KOTOR lightening itself, the only thing is I've found when using this, is that when Lightening is used at it's maximum level, it looks a little more like a flood of icy beams shooting out. THat's not altogether a bad thing, it's different and it looks pretty smooth.

I like these files, and personally I'll be keeping them. If you're looking to get a more "Knights of the old Republic" feel out of your Copy of Jedi outcast, well this is certainly a great place to start. With any luck we'll be seeing some quality skins from characters found in the game comming soon. In any case these files are a worthwhile download. Keep it up Revan, you've done Knights of the old Republic justice thus far.

*hopes for a full KOTOR conversion* ;D

Rock on -=Sai-Wan=-

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Download 'knightspack.zip' (618KB)

****Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic pack Readme****

Description:  This .zip folder contains three things. It contains brand spanking new saber colors, along with some pretty cool looking lightning, and a new menu screen.

Installation Instructions: Exract the .pk3 files into your gamedata/base folder, and you should be able to use these!

Made by: Revan

* Copyright / Permissions * 

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