KoTp HQ is, unfortunately for some, a clan map. And it has a great deal of the usual clan logos and posters. Now, usually, that'd be alright...


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KoTp HQ is, unfortunately for some, a clan map. And it has a great deal of the usual clan logos and posters. Now, usually, that'd be alright if the map itself made up for it, but in this instance, I'm not convinced it does.

There are two substantial problems with this map. One is the repetitive texturing, and the second is the lighting. You can probably see from the screenshots how most of the architecture looks very sharp and basic. That isn't to say it's bad - just basic, and with a severe deficiency in curves and smooth constructions; obviously a lot of room for improvement here. There is, I'll admit, the odd bit of nice detail such as the slanted pillars in the library, but overall I felt that it needed more. :(

Splodge lighting is the biggest illumination problem here; that is, giant spots of light appearing from sources far too small to be emitting them, and often without a source at all, leaving giant white circles over the architecture. The areas lit by the skybox are noticeably improved, although some of the shadows still seem a little sharp. And as I mentioned previously, the texturing needs a lot of work. There's a few instances of Z-fighting, especially along the elevators made of water, (nice idea though) and various misalignment /over-repetition problems. On other occasions, the wrong texture was chosen, for example, the football pitch seems to be made from green blocks as opposed to grass.

The map does have a fair bit to explore however, and I especially liked the painting room with pictures you can jump into, to get teleported to the displayed area. Mario 64 anyone? ;) Definitely something that RPG'ers might be interested in, if you're not all that bothered about eye-candy. I guess the map doesn't have that special atmosphere that I always look for in a map - it's just a bit too basic, although the music is fairly nice. But no bot support! GRA!

New Sounds: Yes New Textures: Yes Bot Support: No

~Szico VII~

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Download 'kotphqv1_3.zip' (9.26MB)

Jedi Knight II Map
Author: Rhiom
E-Mail: IndepedentReality@gmail.com
Website: http://KoTpcenter.cjb.net
Forums: http://gooberishot.forumsplace.com
For other files by me: http://hosted.filefront.com/KoTpRhiom
File: KoTpHQv1.3.pk3
FileSize: 9.3 mb
Date Released: 2/17/06

Credits: I would like to credit all the helpful hints and tips given
by the richdiesal map making tutorial at
http://www.darthg.com/richdiesal/tutorials/index.html. Also i would
like to thank all the helpful people at the map craft forums, who's
website is http://www.darthg.com/index.php. Also thank you for more
mapping help, the people who converted gtk radiant to mac, at

 First you need to unzip the file into an temp directory, then you
should copy the kotpHQv1.3.pk3 file to the base directory in gamedata.
Or if your on a mac, the base folder can be found right inside your
Jedi Knight II folder.
 Play Information:

 Bot Support:   <No>
 New Sounds : <No>
 New Textures : <Yes>
 New Objects : <Yes>
 GameTypes: Duel, FFa, Team FFa
 To access you can either find it from the map list or you can type
/devmap Kotphq

 Brush Count : 6100+
 Entity Count : As Many as i could fit
 Base info : Made from scratch (or off of v1.2 depending on how you
look at it, lol)
 Software used : GTKRadiant1.4 and MacRadiant1.4
 Known Bugs : Z fighting in the water elevators to the thunder dome.
Also water splash noises on the nets in the Soccer Field.I've also
that there are some issues when trying to connect to a server with 
version 1.3 and if you still have version 1.2 in the base. This can
be fixed by moving version 1.2 out of the base.
 Build Time : Too many hours to think about...
	This map is the head quarters of Kotp (Keepers of the Peace) clan.
This map has grown larger and larger as more people have requested
that rooms be added. To help accommodate for this large size, I have
added a teleporter room, which is accessible through pictures
throughout the map. This map is ment to be played with Ja Mod (for
soccer and for the thunder dome) but is still playable on many other
mods. his version has 5 new secret rooms in addition to the original
7, making a grand total of 12 secret rooms. (no the soccer field,
teleporter room, and the pit do not count as secret rooms). Also as of
this time it is not possible to leave the thunder dome once you enter
it. I felt that it was not necisarry because then you could not run
form a fight, also, this is why i added cameras to the room, so that
if you wanted to watch the action you did not actually have to enter.
I also felt that people accepted the fact that you couldn't leave the
rocket arena in The hangout map for Fou, so i felt that this was just
as easily acceptable. Have fun and happy playing.
Copy Right Info:


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