You want a new not-done-before model? Kronar is what you want! Seriously, I've never heard nor seen of any other model like this. The model...


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You want a new not-done-before model? Kronar is what you want! Seriously, I've never heard nor seen of any other model like this. The model itself is quite well done, though the constraints of the animations might deform the model sometimes. The model comes with 5 different skins. A default skin, a dark and light skin and ofcourse the CTF skins. The model also has Bot support incase you want to fight it out with him :D The readme also includes a kinda long story about the Kronar, might give you a better understanding of the dark/light variations and ofcourse you get to know about the Kronar ;).

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Title			: Kronar
Author			: Joe "Keto" Thiel
E-Mail			: [email protected]
Website			: [none]

File Name		:
File Size		: 4.5mb
Date Released		: 7/1/02

Description		: 
Kronar is a race for a little story i have been thinking about. Takes place on the planet Takron where once 
flourished with these strong but not very smart beasts. The Dark side of the force sought the planet's natural 
resources but the Kronar did a pretty good job of defending their home. The Kronar are biologically supposed 
to never be able to have Jedi abilities, yet during an exteremly long war with the darkside a baby Kronar was 
rumored to be able to move things with its mind. praised from birth and guarded heavily the child practiced 
its divine powers in order to save its race. It became known as the great golden one the only Jedi Kronar 
ever. But with its growth it began to fortell of a grim future. It spoke of a new race that would begin to 
spawn on thier planet. They were called the anti jedi, seemingly this race would be able to defend the planet 
from the dark side with their runic/tribal abilities to nullify the powers of the force. but the great golden 
one stated that they woudl be enemies in disguise and at their time of success woudl also destroy the Kronar 
in order to "purify" the planet. After having the great vision the great golden one become ill. For fear of 
the death of their leader and the death of their race they sided with the dark side. but the dark side had bought 
into a trap, in return for the natural resources the Kronar took over most of the high positions putting the dark 
side's forces into a form of slavery, they were made to further the research of "force crystals" which coudl 
imbue the carrier with jedi abilities. The Kronar became greedy and over powered as they used far more cyrstals 
than neccasary giving them extreme uncontrolable destructive power. They basically became the Darker side of the 
force. the great golden one was pleased with the development of its race and died (after being mechanically kept 
alive far beyond the life expectancy of its race) shortly after seeing successful tests of crystal enchanced 
Kronar jedi warriors. not long after the death of the great golden one the anti jedi began to appear on a small 
island called Kujar , located not very far from a large crystal mining city. they came to remove the parasitic 
jedi from their mother (planet) and with not to much difficulty took out the regular dark side jedi. but the 
enhanced Kronar were much more difficult. and thus a large horrible war has broken out between The Kronar and 
the Anti jedi. but it gets more complicated than that as the Light side tries to ally with the anti jedi stating 
that they are for the removal of the darkside and woudl like to keep the planet's crystal veins intact, but the 
anti jedi see all jedi as horrible destroyers of planets and races. The dark wants to steathly kidnap the anti 
jedi to learn how they can nullify the powers of force in order to use it as a weapon against the light, and 
still want to mine the crystals and other resources from the planet with the Kronar acting as guards.

pcount: 2046

skins: CTF (blue and red) , regular, and a Dark and Light side variations.

Bots: include the regualr Kronar, as well as the dark and light skins

LOD: sorry not implemented with this version

Known Bugs:   various ugly deformation. 

Comment			: 
Thanks to:

adillon - for the overwhelming amount of constant support that is what got this model in game, thank you abunch
remark 666 - check out his blue skin coming out soon hopefully :)
Oobedoob Benobi
spacermonkey - for the tut and comments
Delmar - for clueing me in on how to get the saber to work properly :)
Freed - R/L support/ threatening my honor if not completed
Darth Calamity - beta tester 


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