Kyle and a Sky - 1600x1200

1600x1200_b.jpg —


Hard to describe in a title ("Kyle and a Sky" :D doh!)... but it's a nice wallpaper, with a nice touch (the blue-ish colors), from the official Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast site by LucasArts Entertainment Company. The wallpaper features the main character, Kyle Katarn with his light saber "looking at" a sky strip :) Well... just see for yourself instead of trying to understand my horrible description... :p

This wallpaper is also available in other sizes, just browse our Media > Wallpapers File Section where every somewhat standard screen resolution has it's own subcategory... I figured why not? After all... I am da Pro-Filer :D Well enjoy the wallpaper and have a good one! :beer:


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