Kyle's Stormtrooper Armor



the Jedi. Others, have them defecting to the Rebel Alliance. Some say, that they all took an extended leave of absence on Alderaan before it met its grisly destruction.I however, think that they all formed a galactic clown travelling act, but that's neither here nor there. :DWell, in either case, Kyle kept a hold of one of their suits of "armour (term used very, very loosely :p )" and got it branded with the Rebel Alliance insignia.Kyle replacement mods come and go often around here. Some of the textures are blurry, and the model looks "meh", but that's LucasArts fault. Would've been nice if this mod could've used Hapslashs' stormtrooper model, but what we have here is not that bad, once you get going with it. There arent any variations of it, so if you use it in MP, in either team, it'll still have the same colours.New Sounds: NoBot Support: NoTeam Support: NoSingleplayer Support: Yes-SuperSmeg


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