Kyle the Terminator VS Mark2 the Ed209



I knew it! Kyle is really a droid! A terminator in fact, according to this new skin! What we have here is a Terminator Kyle and also a little something extra too, but I will get to that later.

For the most part the textures are the same as the default Kyle, however they have been re-coloured and are now much darker, which I actually think looks much better. Personally I think the default Kyle skin should have had darker clothing like this, as it makes him look much more like a Mercenary! Moving up to the face we see Kyle’s true self! Just like the iconic Terminator pictures we see all the time, Kyle has had a big swath of skin ripped off his face, revealing his mechanical innards. :eek:

The face texture I presume was photo sourced from a terminator photo, as it is pretty high resolution and also good quality. The author has done a good job here to make it fit so well on Kyle’s face! The skin also includes team skins, although only the face seems to be different from the default Kyle team skins.

Personally I think some more customised team skins would be cool here. Perhaps you can also make parts of his clothing ripped off, revealing his metal ribs and innards. Also this skin replaces the default Kyle, rather than adding a new skin, and the skin also needs a custom icon making for it as it used the default Kyle icon at the moment.

Now, onto that extra bit that is included with this file. Apart from the .pk3 for the Kyle skin there is also another .pk3 in the .zip file. This is the .pk3 for the ed209 re-skin. The readme explains a little further:

The mark2/ed209 is a reskin of the mark2 model to make it look like the infamous ed209 from the film Robocop. The ed209 also contains new sounds to make it sound more menacing.

The model that has been re-skinned here is the ‘baby’ walker that you meet during parts of the JK2 Singleplayer game - they’re the droids that burst out of the crates on the Cairn level.

However this does not appear to be a player model, and the readme doesn’t give any instructions on how to spawn this droid ingame, so I couldn’t test it out. I’m not sure really what to do to get this bit of the file to work, so for next time I would definitely suggest putting some more detail in the readme on how to use / spawn this.

Overall though a cool re-skin here! If you are a fan of the Terminator films, or want a new Kyle skin, then give this a download! :)

New Sounds: No Bot Support:No Team Support: Yes




Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast
TITLE: Kyle the Terminator vs Mark 2 the Ed 209 
AUTHOR: SWC_Halas_Kad 
E-MAIL: [email protected] 
WEBSITE: http://www.freewebs.com/swchalaskad/ 

FILENAME: kylet.pk3 and ed209.pk3
DATE RELEASED: 18 October 2008 

CREDITS: I give credits to James Cameron for making the Terminator film(s) and to Stan Winston  
for designing the Terminator. I also give credit to Paul Verhoeven for making the Robocop film  
and to Craig Davies. Also like to thank Raven for the models that were used.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Put the pk3s you want in the base folder OR make a new folder in  
gamedata and load it from the "mods menu" in single player.

DESCRIPTION: I'm a fan of old science fiction movies and I decided that it would be cool to be able to play as a terminator version of our favorite Jedi in jk2. Basically what I’ve done is made Kyle look like he is damaged and has a terminator robot under his skin. The mark2/ed209 is a reskin of the mark2 model to make it look like the infamous ed209 from the film Robocop. The ed209 also contains new sounds to make it sound more menacing.

BUGS: The shooting sound on the Mark2/Ed209 doesn't work in game. Hardly Noticeable though. 

COMMENTS: This is my first mod released to the public. I've been doing reskins for a few years now and this mod was the one I thought was good enough to release. 


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