Lara Croft



decided to spare my eyes the strain of having to look up her pictures all across the internet, so I'll just go by memory.Naturally, the proportions are a little off, seeing as Lara Croft is slightly anorexic. The basic clothing design is accurate - skin-tight everything, from short shorts to high-cut shirts (or is that even a shirt? o.0). There are a good number of oddities going on here, though.The most notable oddity is that there is a seam on the inside of the legs and around the hips. The shorts look like a shirt that was buttoned incorrectly - one part is lower than the other. Same with the bands and boots. It's a rather ugly sight - that could really use fixing. The worst one I saw was the gun holster. On one of the skins, the bottom of the holster was there, but the top was missing. On another one of them, the bottom was missing but the top was there. A holster creating a dimensional warp in the middle of itself...as amusing as it is, I don't think it'll hold a blaster very well, and it certainly doesn't look very good either. Also, the hair is completely wrong, but that's a fault of the model, so you're off the hook on that count.Lastly, the skinning work. Nothing was paintbucketed - yes, ladies and gents, there are actually highlights and shadows here. Overall the clothing (or lack thereof) could use some more detail, so if you're making a version 2, you should definitely look into that. Much more could be added.That's it...for now. No extras are included, and the sounds are still the default Jan sounds. This needs a lot more work for sure, but if you'd like to run around looking...well, *somewhat* like Miss Croft, here you go.New sounds: NoTeam support: NoBot support: NoNPC Support: No~Dretzel


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