Lay-Z Scriptz 1.4 FINAL

Ok, well, this is apparently a set of scripts (.cfg) for lazy people, lol, as the author says in the readme. He also says that though it wa...


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Ok, well, this is apparently a set of scripts (.cfg) for lazy people, lol, as the author says in the readme. He also says that though it was designed mainly for JK2 it will, for the most part, also work on JKA.

The author also says that its complicated and hard to learn if you don’t read the readme first. There certainly seems to be a comprehensive set of scripts here, there are ones for binding keys, emotes, and all kinds of things, but best of all, I noticed in the readme that it said there was one for recording DEMOS!!!

So if your looking for some new scripts to try out, give it a download, it might just have what your looking for ;)

But remember, make sure to read the readme thoroughly first before you do anything with it!


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Lay-Z Scriptz Help File

File Name: Lay-Z Scriptz 1.4 FINAL
Author...: Shad
E-Mail...: [email protected]

This file is a collection of scripts, which I call lay-z scriptz. Why? Cause 
if you like being lazy, this is for you, or just if you want things to be 
simpler or more organized. All in all more easy. It's designed and tailored 
for JK2, but will work for JKA for the most part.

Make sure you put all the scripts in a folder named zscripts in base. Make 
sure the zscript.cfg is in base and not in that folder. Also, make sure that 
in base the zscripts aren't 2 folders deep, for example: 
Make sure its only ONE folder.


Extract the zip file containing all the .cfg and .txt files, and put all of 
the .cfg and .txt files into your base folder in a folder named zscripts. 
Remove the zscripts.cfg config from the zscripts folder and put into base. 
Then edit each config in the zscripts folder one by one until they are all 
setup to your preferences. Some help for each script is built into that 
scripts config file (.cfg). To edit a .cfg file, double click it, and it 
will ask you to choose a program to open it with, select notepad. Maximize 
the window for notepad, then at the top of the screen go to Format > Word 
Wrap to turn word wrap on. All this makes viewing and editing the files 

Settings Script - A script containing every key in the game that can be 
bound, all setup and ready. Right now I set all keys to JK2 defaults, so you 
need to setup that script before you run it or all your binds are gone. I'd 
recommend backing up all your jk2mpconfig.cfg files. They are located in the 
base folder, academy folder, etc. All mod folders contain one.

Name Script - A script that cycles through names that you preset in the 
config, by use of 2 keys you preset in the config. It displays the names as 
you cycle through them, and when you get to the one you want, you rename to 
it by use of a 3rd key that you also preset. Supports up to 15 names.

Demo Script - A script for recording demos! Yes, and it allows you to cycle 
through what demo you want to record to, because I haven't seen a script 
that lets you do that, and I always recorded over something important 'cause 
I'm stupid like that. Just setup the binds in the zdemo.cfg file. Supports 
up to 25 demos.

Public Messages Script - Have a lot of binds that say stuff like, "Please 
visit!"? Well this script is for you! You can set messages in a 
rotation, by use of 2 preset keys, and a 3rd key says them. As you cycle 
through each message it tells you what it will say if you hit the select 
key! How convenient ^^. Supports up to 10 messages.

TFFA Messages Script - Same as Public Messages Script, but for TFFA so you 
can bind TFFA specific messages. They are all preset to say messages to the 
team only, but by erasing team_ from the team_say YOUR MESSAGE HERE command, 
it will make the message be publicly displayed when you hit the select key. 
Supports up to 10 messages.

CTF Messages Script - Yet again, same as both Public/TFFA Messages Scripts, 
except for CTF, so you can have CTF specific messages. Supports up to 10 

Emote Script (NOTE: For JA Mod Only) - Hate taking up even more space on the 
keyboard because of emotes? Not anymore! This now has a cycler that will 
cycle through the most commonly used emotes in cHoSeN-oNeS amazing JA Mod 
1.6 and above. Theres two settings, one cycler built for the regular emotes, 
and one for emotes that make you freeze your position, like sit, etc.

JK Admin Script (NOTE: For JA MOD Only) - Another JA mod exclusive. This 
script is made for those neglected JK Admins out there, because all I see 
are scripts for AM admins, well, be neglected no further, because this 
script is all you'll ever need to Admin a server with JK Admin. Everything 
explaining this file and the help for it as well, are located in the 
zjkadmin.cfg file. Also, the Slot Cycler's Slot Commandsbinds.cfg is located 
under slotcycler int he zscripts folder. Read the READTHISFIRST.txt file 
before doing anything to any of the files in that folder.

Updates From v1.3
+Added a slot cycler script to the zjkadmin.cfg.
+Modified Admin Gun Cyclers commands in zjkadmin.cfg.
+New folder, slotcycler, including a new config which has to do with the 
slotcycler in the zjkadmin.cfg.
+Updated help file.

Updates From v1.2
+Added a demo recording script.
+Checked for any bugs or flaws.
+Updated help file.

Updates From v1.1
+Name config now has more help in the file itself.
+JK Admin script admin gun flaws fixed.
+Settings Script no longer has chat cycler, it has the defaults.
+Small bugs and miscellaneous changes.
+Updated help file.

Special Thanks
*{KristenD'Kana}*  -  came up with the name, tested files for glitches, and 

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