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Being a girl gamer myself, I always love to see a good female model/skin released. I was so excited when DAK released the Leela Jedi model. Finally, a female model with different hairstyles! Of course, the skins included were still a little boring. But that was just the Jedi version. Now DAK releases a civilian version.

The default skin is very basic. Just some pants that are much like Jan's, but black, a little black shirt and a jacket. She has a few accessories and unlike Jan, no ugly, cumbersome glove. There's also a version that's very similiar, but sans the jacket. And then there's a less clothed version. Leela wears a little leather-like skirt and a tiny corset that shows a lot of skin, but not too much. My only problem with this skin is the lack of navel. I mean, is it just me or does that look a bit odd? The last two screens just show the two different ponytails.

There is bot support included, but no team support or new sounds. But let me explain why I'm not terribly disappointed by that. This skin/model is more like a blank canvas for skinners out there. So it makes sense that if anyone uses her for their own skin that they'll add team skins and customized sounds for themselves. Y'know? Anyway, great work DAK, as always. :)

Bot Support: Yes Team Colors: No New Sounds: No




Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

Leela as a civilian 
Model Name:		Leela_civ

Model/Import/skins: 	Dan Kapphahn  (DAK, a.k.a Antizac) 

Mara Hair/Jacket, 
textures and Mesh:  	Edward Peretti ([email protected]) 

Ripped-off, modified
&quot;Dante hair&quot; 
Original By:		graves and Freeman (graves---> [email protected])

&quot;Nude Jan&quot; 
Skin Base by:		Absath

Email: 		    	[email protected]

Sounds:			No new sounds

Botfiles:		Included

Skin Templates:		Included

Very Big Thanks:        To Plasma, for his website (plasmaskins.jk2files.com) - which really, influenced me 
			to put these models together to begin with.
			And to everyone that helped contirbute to this model (skins, meshes, Ideas, ect) And people I forgot.

Special Thanks:		Everyone at Plasmaskins forums, CommandChamber Forums (www.commandchamber.net)
			and the Jedi Knight II forums, for all their help, support and feedback.

Beta Tested by:		Myself, Plasma, and JP-30. Thanks for the help, guys. =)       

Development Machine(s): 233 Pentium MMX, 64Mb Ram, 64Mb GeForce MX 420 (My machine from 2002 - Summer 2003)   
			1800+ AMD AthlonXP, 256Mb Ram, 128mb GeForce FX 5200 (current Machine)

Optional PK3:		A seperate .pk3 Mod (leela_as_Jan_(optional).pk3) to have Leela play the part of Jan in SP. This is totally optional, don't use it unless you want to.
			(This will modify the MP Jan too)
			wARNINg: This modifies the npcs.cfg file - make sure you don't have any other mods, modifying this file, before using it.
Originally, there was really nothing special about this model, it was basically a &quot;Frankenstien&quot; project, in which 
I took various pieces of existing Jedi Outcast female models - the only 2 female models (Jan, Tavion), to come up 
with one that looked half-way normal and had everything needed to create any female skin the skinner desires 
(Within the models's limits, of course). But after, almost an entire year - It's been vastly improved...

So, I'm encouraging skinning on this model, with a few restrictions:

-You MUST have this readme.txt, unmodified, with your skin.

-The skin(s) is/are from scratch. (Don't use or re-color mine, because they suck and I ripped them off of 
Raven's models.) Except for the accesories.jpg which I stole from the Jan model - I won't 
require any re-skinning on that, because it's all Raven's work... + or - some changes.

-DO NOT make a nude or topless \ bottomless skin from this, because you automatically WILL NOT get permission from me to do so.

-As much as I'd love to just give everyone &quot;automatic permission&quot; to skin this model, I just can't - So, to avoid any issues, 
I just ask that you e-mail a request to me, and a brief description on what you're doing with it

That's prettymuch it.

Any questions, E-mail me at: [email protected]

Please don't e-mail me about anything other than your re-skin requests for permission.
I'm getting too many people e-mailing me on how to simply install it, or asking me how to model... Get a friend to help you.

	After learning about the &quot;SurfOn / SurfOff&quot; feature with Jedi Outcast models, I began thinking of ways to create 
a model that had, literally, everything available to a skinner's needs. I, after numerous attempts at skinning Jan 
or Tavion to fit the character in my level series, found that no matter what I did, they just wouldn't look right. Realising there were other people in my position
I started work on What would become a project that spanned 6 months longer than I had hoped....
	Anyway, I was originally going to release this model to the public to include 2 different skins - this one and a civilian skin.
But after much debating I decided to keep the original exclusive to my level series - I'll still release the civilian version, but it'll probably be a different skin than the one in the Level series...

Short Story about the making of Leela:

Leela was originally, just a MaraJade reskin for my Level series/Saga (The Rising Empire), alone - until I decided that I may need many differently 
skinned female characters, in the level series (this was *before* JA was even a thought.) - if only *someone* made a Multi-purpose female model. 
That 'someone' soon became me. 
...After Messing around with Tavion's face, legs, and Jan's body for months with MilkShape 3D, wondering why she didn't work in JO - I finally read up 
on all the info I needed, and got 3D Studio Max -the only (current) progam that will export .xsi files, to be exported with another program, to animate and export the model into JO. 

After going through this experience, I contacted Plasma, (seeing that he would be most interested in this project.) And asked if He (and the skinning community), might be interested - 
giving me another incentive to complete my work, (improve on it), and finally live to see the day when my work is used and appreciated by others... 

After the old Plasmaforums went down, I fell out of contact with Plasma - went on a month-long trip, took on a couple other projects for a few months - made Link (from the Legend of Zelda), 
which gave me much more of a learning experience with 3DS MAX. About September, I picked up my old projects, and started revamping them. And after, 
what will soon be an entire year - The Leela project is finally finished. Just the first step in completing my Long-awaited Level series 
(since 2000 with MotS, 2002 with JO, and now finally, with JA [a game with everything I need.]) 

*October 2002-January 2003: Early attempts at Leela, before I knew about 3DS MAX 

*Jan 23, - Feb 18, 2003 - First &quot;ingame&quot; &quot;Personal Betas&quot;. Lots of deformation problems. 
*March 03, 2003 - Private beta: A select few, beta tested, and started skining. Planned for release, but was put on hold due to skin-mapping issues. Beta had 3 
	different hair meshes, belt, holsters, dress, and jacket (with removeable details).
*March 28, 2003 - Lost Contact with PlasmaSkins community - Went to live in Western South Dakota with my sister, for about a month.
	While in SD, I found that my model had leaked, but was promptly removed before too many people got a hold of it.
*April 25, 2003 - Return from South Dakota, worked on Leela for a few weeks, and began work on Link (Legend of Zelda)
*September 26, 2003 - Began slow-paced work on Leela, again. Started implementing other ideas from beta-testers.

*&quot;Sometime October&quot; - I found that too many individual meshes on a model - leads to blank-defaulting textures, on the hips. It was then I decided that I needed to seperate the model into two 
	customizable ones - Civilian and Jedi.
*November, 2003 - Found PlasmaSkins re-opened at JK2files. Waiting for Plasmaforums, to open...

*December 08, 2003 - Noticed PlasmaForums re-opened, I re-joined - Finally got up enough speed, and inspiration to start actually working on the model - release was no longer an &quot;if&quot; but a &quot;When&quot;.

January 6 - Modeled a realistic-looking eye with an indented cornea, and clear lens, with a shine effect (all done through a shader)

January 17, 19, 20 - 22, Final Days - Fixed up all the meshes, added a vest and, finally a cloak. The best work I've ever done.

um, can't remember:

March: Started and Finished Civilian version.


This model, it's geometry, and textures are not to be modified, repackaged, or redistributed without the 
express permision of it's creator, Dan Kapphahn.  IF allowed, this readme.txt file MUST be

When you do e-mail a request to me, for permission, I would like an short explaination and a good, viewable screenshot (or two) 
featureing the re-skinned model. That helps with decision-making.

If I do not reply to your e-mail within a week just send another - I may have mistaken your e-mail for junk mail. 
Please: &quot;re-skin permission&quot; requests only.
Don't e-mail me asking how to install it - All the info you need is below, if you still can't figure it out, get someone to help you. 


Place the pk3 file from this zip archive into the JKII/gamedata/base/ directory

*Information *

Polycount:    (I lost count)
CTF           no
bots          Yes
Custom sounds No

LOD support - No (if you machine has issues because of this, you have bigger problems than I do.) Someday in the future, maybe.

* Copyright / Permissions *
This model, and the textures that came with it are not to be modified
in any way without the permision of it's creators.


© 2002 LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC. 
© 2002 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM or ® as indicated.
All rights reserved. Used under authorization.
LucasArts and the LucasArts logo are trademarks
of Lucasfilm Ltd.
© Raven Software LTD 2002, Activision

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