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Is it my imagination or have we had a lot of Resident Evil and Devil May Cry themed skins lately? And they all use the Dante model... and th...


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Is it my imagination or have we had a lot of Resident Evil and Devil May Cry themed skins lately? And they all use the Dante model... and they all fit the Dante model... eerie. I guess Capcom doesn't have much costume design imagination. :p

Anyway, this is Leon S. Kennedy as seen in his Resident Evil 4 attire. Namely a leather jacket with fur lining, leg holster, and black pants. Yep, we've got all that here. Well, not the holster, but we have the holster straps. Now the Dante model isn't perfect for this, although it's certainly passable, so certain details like the shape of the hair and a few extra jacket flaps aren't able to be (easily) changed. They could be changed, but not without some significant shader knowledge which I don't normally expect people to have. I'm usually just impressed when an author knows enough about shaders to alter an existing one to fit their new skin (which is the case here!).

Now for my beefs. Little stuff, for the most part, which won't phase RE4 fans I'm sure. Firstly, the hair. I'm not going to complain about the shape, even though I could a little since it's an alpha plane and can thus be 'reshaped', but it does look like the hair's a little too bright. From the renders I've seen his hair and his jacket are about the same color and darkness, and the jacket looks slightly too saturated as it is. The hair should probably be darkened slightly and then contrasted, so instead of washed out it should look highlighted. My other beef was the shirt, which strikes me as odd for some reason. If the author knows anything about shaders (as I previously mentioned that I don't automatically expect from anyone) he might consider using an alpha shader to get rid of the bottom flap.

And then there's the face. I don't think I have to mention that the face is obviously not Leon's and should be changed, but I will just for consistency.

Overall, though, a solid replica. With a little more attention it'll be an ace representation of the character.

Team Support: Blue Only (check it out for a surprise!) Bot Support: No NPC Support: No New Sounds: Dante (must have original Dante model)


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Download 'leons.zip' (1.78MB)

TITLE: Leon S. Kennedy 
AUTHOR: Hasegawa Kaito
E-MAIL: blacksouleaterathotmail.com

FILENAME: __LeonS.pk3
DATE RELEASED: Friday July 13th

CREDITS: I would give credits graves the developer of the dante model that I used to create this skin on. With out him Leon would be skinned on merc Kyle and we would be sad. Also Id like to credit Ichigo/Chris Redfield/Albert Wesker for getting me the great ref pics. 

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Extract the skin and dump the LeonS.pk3 in your base folder.

DESCRIPTION: Leon S. Kennedy from RE2 (Blue Team) and RE4 (Default). 
There is two extra skins with long coats, They where added in cause they look cool. Try to keep in mind thy aren’t exact skins of the person. I’ve added my own twist on them.

BUGS: Don't Know Any... 

COMMENTS: The Skin Was annoying to make. It was made cause my RPG is going into a RE fad cause of the Zombie NPCs we use and also cause a cretin green dog told me it was a stupid idea so I set out to prove it wrong. 

I would also like to ask that no one take parts of this skin or alter it in anyway with out my consent. 


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