Lester Leetos Pack (JK2)



Well here we have the Jedi Outcast version of the Lester Leetos skin / model pack. Since this is really just the same file, but for JK2, I will just paste in my review of the JKA version below.

Lester Leetos…personally I’ve never heard of this fellow, but as the readme explains:

Who is Lester Leetos? Lester Leetos is the mascot for CyberPunkCafe.com See: [ http://www.cyberpunkcafe.com/page.php?12 ] for 'Lesters Tech Advice'

Looking at that site gave me a few laughs, since its obvious from quotes like this:

H4v3 u 833n pr4ct1c1n9 ur 371t3 5p34k?
Take the Red Leeto, and stay in the matrix!

that its meant to be humorous, and not actually serious tech advice. ;)

Anyway, this fellow certainly has a large skin / model pack dedicated to him! From the pictures I managed to find, the model and its skins in this pack are very realistic and true to the character. As well as the cel -shaded cartoon style skins, there is also a plethora of other skins here, ranging from a devilish looking Lester, to a furry fox type Lester and even a snake skin Lester! That’s not all, there is team support for all the skins, which means triple the fun!

I didn’t find a single bug in this model / skin pack, so well done to the author there! Adding to the coolness, there is bot support for these skins and also different custom taunts for various types of Lester, which I thought was a very nice touch.

All in all a fantastic job by the author here, a very cool model complimented by a very large range of different skins for it! So, if you are a fan of Lester Leetos, or the CyberPunkCafe website, then this is one file you will want to download. And even if you have never heard of Lester Leetos (like me) I still recommend a download because this is a great model / skin pack that I am sure lots of people will enjoy.

Download away! :)

New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes




Lester Leetos Skin Pack - JKA

Title			: Lester Leetos Model + Skin Pack
GAME			: Jedi Academy

Author			: S. Robinson (Boddo)
Website			: http://forums.cyberpunkcafe.com

File Name		: lester.pk3
File Size		: 14MB
Date Released	: may 12th '08

Contains Lester Leetos Cartoon (True 2D), Lester Leetos Cell Shaded, Dragon Leet, Snake Leet, Fox Leet, all with team variants. As well as Sketch and evil lester without team variants.

Who is Lester Leetos?
Lester Leetos is the mascot for CyberPunkCafe.com
See: [ http://www.cyberpunkcafe.com/page.php?12 ] for 'Lesters Tech Advice'
FYI: Lester's apearance has been spiced up to look more devilish then the original concept image.

Support: NPC support/Bot Support/New Sounds/New everything.

extract & dump into your base folder

Thanks to:
**** Special thanks to LightSource who i consulted regularily for help throughout the modeling process ****


this mod nor cyberpunkcafe.com is in any way affiliated with lucas arts or georgy lucas, raven and whoever else made these great games.

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