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This small mod will alter your JK2 HUD settings a bit, adding a few new features and some different graphics.

When you first boot up JK2,...


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This small mod will alter your JK2 HUD settings a bit, adding a few new features and some different graphics.

When you first boot up JK2, you'll notice that the 'Star Wars: Jedi Outcast' logo has now got a red glow instead of a blue one. Doesn't suit me personally but its a change from whatit usually is. The console background has also been tweaked, now its rather plain. The author says this is because sometimes the console can be hard to read. Never had that problem myself but I can see why this could help some people. The other things that have changed are the 2 small HUD icons on your screen. On the left, there's now a 'square' of lighning surrounding your health meter. To be honest it doesnt really look right, especially with a black background to it. The same applies to the right hand side ammo/lightsaber meter.

As for the lightsaber/ammo meter, well that's changed slightly more than the left one. Ammo will now be shown in read, but my favourite bit is the lightsaber one. It will now actually tell you what style you have on, represented by a word and not just a color. May not be necessary for all people but will help color blind people. The only thing left is the force power bar and the weapons bar (Where it shows you the weapons you have) this now ahs a red glow. Again, I'm not to fond of red glows and lightning, but Its a matter of opinion. And of course, it doesnt low FPS or anything like that :)

~Szico VII~

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Download '' (268KB)

This Hud was designed and produced ENTIRELY by Noricle.
Any questions, comments, or to request a new design of your own please send an
email to me and I will see what i can do.  MAKE SURE to include JK2 HUD in the 
subject line of your message, or it will very likely be deleted!

Game Application: JK2 Jedi Outcast
Author: Noricle
Graphics by: Noricle
Shaders by: Noricle
Created: 09-06-04

Simply place the .pk3 file in your base directory and restart game.
(IE. x:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast\GameData\base)

Hud will NOT be visible until game is restarted.  If you are Mini'd and game
is still running in background, you must exit to windows and restart game.

***  FEATURES  ***
The first thing you will notice is the new graphics in the lower left and 
right corners of your screen.

When force powers are cycled, you will notice the force power bar at the 
bottom of screen will now be Red with a design in the center.  This is a 
custom designed shader.

When you open the console for the first time, you will notice the animated
star field background is gone.  This was intentional.  It was replaced with
a more Neutral Solid color to allow ALL text colors to be viewed while in
console.  This helps prevent words from being "invisible" against the star
field background.

***  MOTIVATION  ***

I was bored! LOL  That is the main reason I spent the time on this.  The
secondary reason was my desire to customize the game that i spend so much
time in.  Sort of to make it my own.  Not to mention my dismay at not being
able to read black text words in console.  That sort of left me quite 
frustrated and I am certain that many players type in black simply to annoy
other players.

I then decided to share it with the whole JK2 community, so I made a new
streamlined version of it with completely new graphics and shaders that
I figured many would like.

I hope you enjoy my effort!!


This HUD is distributed AS IS and the author is NOT accountable for ANY
damage or undesirable effects produced by its use.  USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!
There are NO KNOWN BUGS associated with this HUD.  This HUD was tested
COMPLETELY on a Pentium 4 1.8 Ghz machine with an ATI All-In-Wonder 
Video Card as well as on a Pentium II 450 Mhz machine with an nVidia
GeForce 5200 FX video card.  There were NO PROBLEMS whatsoever.

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