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Here we have a wide range of JK2 scripts by Lion's Leader. I'm not going to lie but I’m not really a script type person but some here are...


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Here we have a wide range of JK2 scripts by Lion's Leader. I'm not going to lie but I’m not really a script type person but some here are a bit handy, a few of them reduce lag spikes but the others I kinda don't like, there's scripted gripkicks, pullkicks and combo's. I don't agree with using scripts for combos or moves or anything I think it's a bit cheap if I see someone in a server using them. You can customize which keys you use to exec certain scripts, if any are to your taste then enjoy but personally I'd only use the combo one's as a resource on how to make your own scripts and experimenting with them. Nevertheless the lag ones could help you in times of need

Full List of Scripts:

3fasthityellowinred drainbackstab gripbackstab lag_dfa lagondemandfull lagondemandhalf lagondemandthrid pull_leftsidekick pull_rightsidekick pullkick pullkickbetter regularfastdfa rregularfastdfa rspikerfull rspikerhalf spikerfull spikerhalf spikerthird unlagger 4yellow fastestfastdfa longestfastdfa rfastestdfa rfastestfastdfa rlongestdfa rlongestfastdfa


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i openly admit that even for scripting fans 
some of these scripts are and will be controversial.
(what isn't these days)

that being said i think it will make them (more) fair to everyone
if everyone has access to download them. 
this way everyone is on an even playing ground. 
like games should be.

i wont even comment any further on the fairness or unfairness of these.

my 3 sole purposes for creating these scripts was.

1. to improve the quality of available scripts.

2. to have fun seeing if i could even accomplish making them.

3. to provide examples of practical use scripts for people to learn by.


furthermore i would like to thank a few people for thier usefull ideas

first ill thank Sharingane for helping me emulate his grip bs

secondly i thank xiaoxiao for his input on yellow combos.

thirdly i thank Rapist for giving me the idea of making a 
spike script when he accused me of using one that wasnt in 
existance yet. 

"speak not of that which you fear, for fear is your own creation."
-Leonard J. Hockett

id also like to thank all the people who were willing test dummies
too many to count but they know who they were.


-LUCKY , LIONS*LEADER , Lion of LoKi , 3 times the Lion.


i do not know him but i thank queenofnoobs because although i think his
scripts arent well done in a practical use sense, i do think he did a
wonderfully thorough job of showing the many different script commands
available. often during my building process i referred to his scripts
to find what command i needed.

everything i know about scripting started with analyzing his.   


For all the people who are going to bombard my mailbox with hate mail
well what can i say.


im gonna get the biggest kick out of it all. im sure ill have a ton
of laughs at all the crazy things you guys will come up with to say
to try to insult and offend me. but i know you guys really enjoy 
having me around or else why would you spend your precious time 
writing me letters?



heya guys just put these in your base folder 

open each bind and set the button you want the bind to be on 
where the XX are.

make sure you use notepad! (not wordpad!) 

open a doc and name it whatever (i use start.cfg)
make sure to type .cfg at end of name 

inside the doc type 
exec pull_leftsidekick.cfg 
exec gripbackstab.cfg
exec any others you want on there.cfg 

then bind a key while inside game or in your mpconfig file 

mine is 
bind f10 exec start.cfg 

this activates all the binds in the start.cfg 

if you are in the game and want to change to a different script that
isn't in your start.cfg 

just type

exec thescriptname.cfg 

into your game console, if it's in your base file this will activate it


if anyone at lucasarts would like to contact me feel free to email me a
plain text document with no attachment.

[email protected]
this is a ZERO

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