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Onobi Foondu brings us his new version of Little Italy. It is an amazing map with its new textures, beautiful music, bot support, and its gr...


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Onobi Foondu brings us his new version of Little Italy. It is an amazing map with its new textures, beautiful music, bot support, and its great ffa space. The map is pretty big, it has many places that you can ffa including the roof tops :). Onobi updated the missing textures on the umbrellas and tables. He took digital pictures for some of the textures to make the map look realistic. He used the music from the GodFather, he used two of my favorite songs. The map truely looks like a Little Italy with its little resteraunts and I guess some of them could be cafes. The flowers blow in the wind giving it a realistic feeling. There is even a small apartment with a fish tank, couch, and a kitchen. The funnest part is using the water fountain to get onto the roofs. You jump up and it shoots you up and you can fly over to the rooftops. There are a few problems I encountered one is the FPS, in certain areas I would get about 10-20, but in some other areas I would get really high FPS. By the water fountain if you look at one of the spots it has a little red yellow and green thing just sitting there and it looks like he forgot to fill in that space, but you can only see it from the distance.

Overall I really like this map, because of its giant ffa areas, places to just sit and talk, things to explore, and the realistic look of the map. I was very dissapointed that there was bad FPS around the map other wise I would say this map is perfect. It contains everything a map should contain such as places to explore or places to go duel and ffa. It is nice that he included the missing textures so we don't see missing textures all around the map. There is also a very nice sniper spot in the center of the map. If you have an older computer or older graphic card then this is not the map for you, if you have a high-end computer then this is a map you should give a shot.


Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Type: FFA

Here is JEDIofONE's review of the original map:

This map is an incredible bit of work by Onobi Foondu. He has recreated an Italian city, and a staggering amount of detail. Everywhere you look there are photographic textures, realistic animations, and life-like architecture.

ACK! What a monster! I know I have a crummy computer, but even on 320x240 with all the gfx turned off or down I still lagged my way around the map. If you have a high-end computer, I'd definitely suggest a download. For those of us with older machines, this isn't your cup of tea.

Technical Data:

Pros: 1. Details! Details everywhere! The flowers in the flower boxes even sway gently. 2. Some nice sniper spots.

Cons: 1. The chairs and tables in some areas couldn't find their textures. 2. Terrible FPS.

Rating: 9/10

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds/Music: Yes Game Types: FFA


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Download '' (30.12MB)


Title : Little Italy
Author : Onobi Foondu
E-Mail :
Website :

File Name : Little Italy
File Size : 30.3 mb
Date Released : 7/14/03

Description :Well to start off this was going to be Mcc Village final.But then people starting telling me it looked like Italy.So i went from there.Added a bit more touches to make it look alittle more like italy.Like flags and such.Its a small town.The mood is a sunrise setting,With the sun just peaking over the horizon.Where people are just waking up to start the day.All there lights are still on from the night.Theres a resturaunt that is closed.Only for certain reasons(FPS).Theres a sniper tower,So watch dont get wacked.LOL.Theres a fountain with a new water shader and a new gfx file for the fountain water shooting out over the fountain.So check it out there's more to see.There would have been alot more done but i had to stop building to keep the fps from going down to much.Well have fun and enjoy.

Additional Information :Little Italy was beta tested for any bugs by.AlfHoschi and his wonderfull team he has over there.They been nothing but a big help to me and my mapping clan.Thank you.
Botroutes were included in this map.

Textures////// by Reyor Wan Semaj He's big help to me with textures.He does a wonderfull job with his talent of making 
perfect textures.And very cool maps.And and some by me aswell
texture info//////:We will no longer be using any textures that are not ares.
We've been taking digital pictures for our textures in game.
It gives the map more realisem.We walked and walked and walked to get these textures.LOL.For your enjoyment
So look for them in our future maps.

Music://///From the godfather soundtrack.(note) Theres two songs mix together

New Sounds : Yes
New Objects : Yes
New Textures: Yes
New Shaders: Yes
New Gfx : Yes
New Music: Yes
Botroute: Yes

* How to install * 

Just put the LITTLE_ITALY.pk3 in GameData\base in your game directory, and it is selectable among the usual Multiplayer maps.

* Copyright / Permissions * 

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