Well, here we have the next reskin from Diero, this one reskinning the Jedi Trainer model. So what's new, you ask?

Well, to begin with,...


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Well, here we have the next reskin from Diero, this one reskinning the Jedi Trainer model. So what's new, you ask?

Well, to begin with, the pants have been turned a bright green color, along with the red design on the Jedi Trainer's torso. The left hand has been fully gloved while the right hand remains fairly unchanged. The side of the pants has the text 'Lords of the Continuum' added onto the sides, though it is hard to read some of it since the text is jammed together. On the shoulder armor, the text 'LOC' has been pasted. The problems I find with the text is that it looks flat, and both the text on the shoulder and on the legs are reversed on another part of the skin, but the mirrored text effect cant be helped without redoing the UVW mapping. The face of the -=SotG=- Assassin Jedi Trainer reskin has been taken and put onto this one, and the eyes turned green.

The back of the torso seems to have been paintbucketed black, and had a green symbol with white edges added onto it, all solid colors. On closer inspection, though, the back just appears to have been darkened quite a bit so that you can not easily see the texture on it. The symbol, however, is just solid colors without any texture to them. On top of that, the edges of it are very rough, which takes away even more from the reskin's overall quality.

Other than that, there's just some simple color adjustments, and a version of the skin without any text on it and brighter green pants. Included sounds are a mixture of Jedi Trainer, Reborn, and Samurai sounds. If you care to do another version, Diero, I'd suggest patching up the main problems I'd found, and I think it would look much better.


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Download 'diero.zip' (4.76MB)

Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

Title: [LoC]=Diero
Author: Diero (Marivaldi)
E-Mail: diero@sbcglobal.net

File Name: Diero.pk3 and Diero2.pk3
File Size: 2514 and 2505 KB
Date Released: December 16, 2006

Installation Instructions: Open zip file and extract Diero.pk3 or Diero2.pk3 (or both) into your base folder

Description: This is my skin for the clan I am in, Lords of the Continuum, he is a reskin of the jedi trainer model.  Unlike Darth Rykar (my other skin), this character is of the light side of the force. the sounds are a mesh of jedi trainer, reborn. and some sounds from the samurai skin for JA.  Included in the zip file are two versions of the skin, one with the Lords of the Continuum dow the legs, and LoC on the shoulder pad.  One without either.

Credits: I would like to give credit to Kensai for his -=SotG=- Assassin skin, I used the face of that skin for my skin.  I would also like to give credit to Jimesu_Evil, i used the sounds from his Samurai skin for my taunt and for most other sounds.  I would like to also thank every other skin creator, they inspired me to start making skins, yes, every one of them.


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