LoM Aerial Training Pad



An update of the LoM Clan map. Added a few offices I think, and thats about it. Still loads and loads of z-fighting. Still looks good though, good design, but work on the z-fighting everywhere. 6/10

-Worr sonn



Latp2 ReadMe

Author: (LoM_Fd)BobaFett

Web site: www.lomclan.cjb.net

Email Address: [email protected]

To install, just extract the .pk3 file into gameData/Base. Then it'll be ready to play! Voila!

This is the sequel map of 'Latp'. The 'LoM Aerial Traing Pad 2' is full of improvements and extra fun packed rooms. :)

New extras include doors with switches, death traps, new textures, a refurbished bar and a mysterious squad of tie fighters escorting the ship.... =/

Again, it's for the intention LoM members to be able to train in the multi-pad complex, and for others to have fun!!

(P.S It's also for miners and secret finders) 

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