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Continuing our coincidental tradition of 1 or 2 fantastic new models per week, we received this wonderful Babylon 5 model from Kevin Coyle....


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Continuing our coincidental tradition of 1 or 2 fantastic new models per week, we received this wonderful Babylon 5 model from Kevin Coyle.

For you non-Babylon 5 fans out there, Londo Mollari is the ambassador of the Centauri race to the Babylon 5 station. Doomed to indirectly betray many of the galaxy's known species, Mollari's story is indeed a sad one. Some even say that Londo is REALLY the central character of the series.

Yes, I am a B5 fan. :D

This is a great-quality model. I noticed only mild clipping, but this was because I was looking for it. The likeness is VERY close, and the facial and clothing detail is pretty good. I've seen sharper, but sharper tends to bring out the differences in the facial resemblance.

The audio that comes with the model is a collection of Londo's priceless quotes from the series, which is a good thing, because Londo was easily the most quotable of the characters.

Kevin, if you are into doing B5 characters, I have one major request. NARN BAT SQUAD! NARN BAT SQUAD! NARN BAT SQUAD!!!!

Absolutely love it. :D

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File Description: Londo Mollari, the Centauri Ambassador from the TV series Babylon 5

Author: Kevin Coyle
E-mail: KevinCoyle@nc.rr.com

Information: This is a multiplayer model of Londo Mollari from Babylon 5. I'm a fan of the series and my brother requested I make this model for him so I did. I really wasn't thinking of releasing it to the internet but I noticed there was a babylon 5 skin pack and realized there were a few B5 fans who played Jedi Knight so I figured what the hell. 

The model has team skins but no LODS. *note about the team skins, Londo's blue team skin actually is the purple coat from early in the series, I wanted his default to be the blue coat he has later so I switched it around, I hope this doesn't confuse anyone.

To install the model, unzip KC_LondoMollari.pk3 to your Gamedata\base folder in your Jedi Knight folder.

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