LotF Kal



Though you cannot tell from the screenshots provided, this is a very ... unique skin. Kal's skin sports two symbols on the back of his shirt, which appear to be LotF's logo (am I correct?). Unforunately, it seems that Kal here has been either using his tanning bed all wrong or somehow spilled tanning lotion on his arms only. =/ His arm color doesn't match his face at all. Speaking of his arms, if you look at his ungloved hand where his wrist should be, it looks as though his arm is actually a shirt sleeve. Yikes. Kinda creepy.

He does include team colors for this skin and the eyes have been changed to glowing blue orbs. So there's definitely some interesting elements to this skin. Though, I do look forward to an update to this skin.

Bot Support: No Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: No (Jedi)




This is not intended to be a fun skin for everyone to download, its just intended to be fun for me to use. It is my clan skin.
I am, along with Metal, leading LotF. It is run on Omni Mod 1.5, and we have alot of fun on our server. Come by sometime:)

Do not distribute any of the files in this zip or the zip itself for money. Do not modify my skin and distribute it without giving me credit.

I'm working on a map and model, so as soon as I get the full version of Milk shape and a proper working mapping program, I'll start. I plan on making a Crono (from crono trigger) model.

Extract the LotF-Kal.pk3 file to your gamedata/base folder to install. Then go play jk2 and you should see the icons.

I'd like to give credit to the guy who made the Heir of Palpatine Luke skin. I learned how to make arms like the ones on my skin by looking at his skins arms. 

Made by -[LotF]-Master Kal-LFM- Email is [email protected]

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