'Mace Windu: Party Crasher' Teaser Trailer



If there wasn't any anticipation for Anthony Piggott's upcoming Single Player level "Party Crasher" featuring Mace Windu, there should be now. This teaser trailer gives us just a small taste of what's to come. And I like what I see!

The trailer could've been a bit brighter and less choppy, but other than that, this definitely has piqued my interest! Can't wait!




'Mace Windu: Party Crasher' Teaser Trailer

Thanks for downloading this trailer, which shows about a minute or so of footage of my upcoming
Jedi Outcast Single Player level "Mace Windu: Party Crasher". In the level, Mace Windu must
investigate the disappearance of a Jedi Knight as well as rumours of a Dark Jedi clan on
the planet of Malastare.

Please bear in mind that nothing in this trailer is necessarily an accurate representation of
the final level, anything shown in this trailer may be subject to change before release.


Toonces and Arco for the Mace Windu model
Kinja for the Yoda model
Zymotico for the Jedi Star Fighter model
Dan Kapphahn for the voices and club music
John Williams for the Star Wars music

When's it Out?

At time of writing this (March 2003), the level is almost finished. I can't give any sort of
rough date, but it will hopefully be released soon.

Enjoy the trailer...

- Anthony Piggott ([email protected])

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