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So, this is a pack of Mandalorians. They're reskins of some bounty hunters you're already familiar with. And I probably didn't get screen...


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So, this is a pack of Mandalorians. They're reskins of some bounty hunters you're already familiar with. And I probably didn't get screenshots of all of the available skins. So you're just going to have to download this and see them for yourself. :P

How different these reskins are from the originals, I don't really know. I didn't compare them at all. I especially like the first Mand there in the first screenshot and the very last one. There are no new sounds included - just the sounds that came with the original models/skins. Oh, and oops ... I kinda took the screenshots in JA, but it's like for JK2.

Bot Support: Yes Team Colours: Yes New Sounds: Not really


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Download '' (12.74MB)

Mandalorian Squad skinpack:Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

INFO  Title:                       Open Seasons: Mandalorian Squads
      Filename:                    mandalorian_squadpack.pk3
      Editor-creator:              OBIJON1138
      email                        [email protected]
      Description: A bunch of reskins I made from the SP mod Dark Origins based on the comic series Jango Fett: Open Seasons.  I made this for a friend of mine for multiplayer play.  Mostly for use with my favorite MP mod Forcemod II: The Mercs Strike Back.  Download it if you haven't already!

      Bot support:  yes
      Team support: yes- by squad
      New sounds:   None besides the original authors taunts
      All reskins are all rips from: Mandalorians by Bloodriot and Absath
                                     Bounty Hunter packs 2 & 4 by J-2000
      Original models Jango_Fett and Boba_Fett are the same as when they were created by Bloodriot and Absath
      Airsquad1 is by J-2000
      Jodo_Kast was created by Dino H Segnini (I think the red skin is by Jibe)

I used the Boba_Fett model mostly for my reskins.  His uniform was a standard from the appearance of the troops in the comic.  I liked the battleworn look.

Botfiles and scripts were edited from the originals
Sound files are the same

DEFAULT SKINS:Boba_Fett            Jango_trooper(reskin)
              Jango_Fett           Myles(reskin)
              Jodo_Kast            airsquad1
              Jaster(reskin)       AirSquad3(reskin)
              Montross(reskin)     Squad_troop(reskin)

TEAMPLAY(by squad):
      Teamplay is based on a squad system.  Red=Jaster and Jango's squads
                                            Blue=Montross's squad

      Bounty Hunters (Boba Fett, Jodo Kast, Jango Fett) can be "hired" for either team
      Squad Leaders  Jaster(red only)  Montross(blue only)  Jango_trooper(red only) these skins are only used on the team colors they represent.  If you change teams during gameplay you will be changed to a default squad troop on the opposite team.
      Myles (team default to squad troop red or blue)
      airsquad1 (regular blue team / red=squad troop)
      AirSquad3 (red team jango trooper / blue team=squad troop) 
      Squad troop (default Jaster's squad / red and blue respectively)

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