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Just when Mr Anderson thought it was safe to play video games again....

Yes, here's an agent skin, from The Matrix trilogy. Quite frankl...


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Just when Mr Anderson thought it was safe to play video games again....

Yes, here's an agent skin, from The Matrix trilogy. Quite frankly, I've never seen this guy anywhere in any of the films, but my attention was admittedly wandering to my toffee popcorn more often than the TV screen.

Anyway, moving on before I rant again. This skin definitely has the look of an agent, naturally, with it being based on an agent model. The good thing is that it has the look of a unique agent. He's not just another Smith clone - and originality is always good. The quality of the skin textures aren't as high as they could have been, but in-game you'd barely notice and it all fits fine. One big beef I have with the texturing job is the jacket - it should look like it's layered over the shirt, not like it's all one solid piece. Regardless, you'll never know that just from in-game, and it's only my relentless search for detail in ModView that picked it up. The team skins aren't very pleasant either - they're basically the default skin with all the black paintbucketed either red or blue.

On a more authenticity-orientated point, I thought all the agents in the films wore black gloves? Ah, that's a moot point anyway.

Well, there's not really much more I can say - it's an average skin, both in terms of quality and design. But, if you like The Matrix, it's more than good enough to go in your base folder.

You know the drill, if you like it, download. If you don't - well, don't whine, respawn!

~ Kouen

Bot Support: Yes Team Skins: Yes Custom Sounds: Yes

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Download '' (1.46MB)

++ThAnK YoU FoR The SkIn WiTcH I ReSkInNeD++
Creating a Matrix moovie. Collection? Well this is great for them purposes and more.

*****IF TYPING MODEL AGENT (and doesn't work. try typing) MODEL GHOST.*****

Model Name: "agent.pk3"

Authors: Darth Mercury

Email: ( )

Sounds: Matrix Film sound recording. "Here that, that is the sound of enevablity. The sound of your death!

Special Thanks: To the Creator of the ghost skin. And to jk2 team.

Concept: Based on a competly random Matrix Agent from (well...) The Matrix I - II. But Appeared to no actuly die.

Know Bugs: Collar when running pushes into the neck. Few color changes to ligher color at sides At A smooth curved hair cut at back.
	  which is relly weaird but I cant edit it. (because goes beyond my skills)

Place this pk3 file from this zip archive into the JKII/gamedata/base/ directory

	CTF           =Yes
	bots 	      =Yes
	Custom sounds =Yes

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