Matrix Rooftop Duel_V2

ISA-boburob-CM brings us the update to his Matrix Rooftop Duel map. The update version makes the map in whole a little larger including the...


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ISA-boburob-CM brings us the update to his Matrix Rooftop Duel map. The update version makes the map in whole a little larger including the roofs. I couldn’t notice anything else new.

If the author was going to re-release this map he should’ve added some music or something else. I really wouldn’t bother downloading this map the rooftops are still a little too small to duel on. This map might be good if you want to take some screenshots to showcase your skin.

Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: No Game Types: Duel


Below is Ultima’s original review:

Based on the matrix jumping simulation I'm guessing, this map takes place on a series of 4 small (VERY small) rooftops. None are connected, and you must jump to get to the others. If you miss, you fall and hit the street or something (it's completely black) and you take damage very quickly, until you die.

I hate to say it.... but this is a horrible duel map. The rooftops are FAR too small to fight on, the level is TINY, and the fall is REALLY irritating if you dont use force in duel game type. (It's often difficult to jump from roof to roof without force) I cannot imagine this as a FFA map either. Maybe if the rooftops were bigger, with less obstructions... maybe if you bounced back up from the fall like they did in the matrix, then maybe this map would be worth considering to download.

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: No Gametypes: Duel, FFA


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I       Read Me For Matrix Rooftop Duel_V2 I
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Instalation Instructions:
1. First this file needs to be unziped.
2. Take the unzipped pk3 file and place it into your base file (ie:C://
3. This map is a duel map so if you want to test it, you can find it in
the duel selection of choosing the arena.  

Ok this is my second version and my second map, ive made the whole map bigger, instant ko on fall and it is LOOSLY based on the part in MATRIX where Trinity says to the agent 'Dodge this!'. If you can find a newyork day skyline please please send it to me!

This map was designed by ISA-boburob-CM.

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