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This is a skin pack of Matt aka Lord Hatrus. These are several accurate representations of himself in real life. Some of these are of him no...


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File Description

This is a skin pack of Matt aka Lord Hatrus. These are several accurate representations of himself in real life. Some of these are of him normaly and some are what he would look like if he were in that particular lifestyle.

Be sure to read the readme-like document. There is a bit of infomation about Matt and backgrounds on the skins.

This is his beta release, so dont freak out if you find some bugs which you most likely will. If you find them you can email him or post a comment on this file to let him know.

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     DDD    AA   RRR   TTTTT  H  H
==== D  D  A  A  R  R    T    H  H ====
     D  D  AAAA  R  R    T    HHHH
==== D  D  A  A  RRR     T    H  H ====
     DDD   A  A  R  R    T    H  H




Author: =Darth=Lord*Hatrus[SOC] AKA Lord Hatrus
Author's Email:

Beta Testers: =Darth= Clan

Type: MP Skin Addon

Build Time: up to an hour each

Idea by: =Darth=Lord*Hatrus[SOC]

Model: prisioner, jedi, jedi/j2

Specs: Me

Notes: These are skins of me Lord Hatrus! 

Comments: Pretty accurate representation of myself.

Who am I?
Im Matt aka Lord Hatrus aka 8of12. I currently work for the local city and coach hockey to minors at the Iceplex. I like the outdoors and like to climb, ski, surf, jetski, mudding, and go to the local target range to hone my skills in the use of firearms. Im 23 and addicted to computer games. I was born in Alabama, lived there for about 10 years, then moved to San Fransisco California and soon joined the Army. After that I moved to Connecticut and whent to school there until I had to abrubtly come back to Alabama. Now alot of people who dont know the South very well here's how it is: There are 5 main types of people here: Rednecks, Roughnecks, Cowboys, Wiggers, and Techies. What am I? Well based on the the little chart here I would classify as a Wigger. That's right, I like hip hop, old school, and just plain nasty ;) But at one time I was a Roughneck. What does that mean? Everywhere I whent I started a fist fight did alot of outdoor shit. Ok, now onto my awesome skins that kick ass over everyone elses skins :D

This is me when I exercise or play b-ball or lift. I usually wear a Nike shirt and non-discript wind-breaker pants and currently my Nike Shox. Oops there I am with my goofy smirk that I get after Ive done something stupid or bad. Yes, I need a haircut. No, Im not getting one.

Here I am in my standard BDU, or Battle Dress Uniform aka camo, minus my jacket. Here I am living in the barracks where it was hot as hell and it sucked really bad. I was made an MP (Military Police) and was made to patrol the base I was stationed at during the after hours. No I never had to shoot anyone, although there where some that I couldnt stand but, ok next skin.

This here is a scarry one! This is theoretically what I would look like if I when goth. Something I dont plan to do until I die, oops! Ha ha, ok maybe I might go Edward Scissor-hands on your ass and take up hair styling. Dumb punch line huh? Ok...

Although Ive never taken Kung Fu, I did take TaeKwonDo, TaeSuDo, and Jujitsu. This skin is based off of the character Ryu from Street Fighters the video game. 

Alright! This is me normally when Im around the house or out getting in trouble when Im off work. Im like a punk wigger, a cross breed. No spikes no chains, just my rings, earrings, and my nosering that I got when mom said not too, ha ha. The guys at the target ranges get a bit unconfortable when I come in with my friends. A punk with a gun huh? Dont worry I have a short temper and tend to become enraged over little trivial things, so if your in the next city your ok ;) I like the shirt Im wearing, it has a little message for you on the back.

Ha! This is me just recently when I take my yearly trip to Flordia and stay in Destin and then take that long drive down to the Keys to surf. This hot and sexy me in my trunks and sexy body and, ok, this is me when I got jetskiing, skiing, surfing, etc. I also got bleached blonde hair.

This is me when I was a Roughneck, in Bama. Got my blue jeans, boots, and big belt buckle on.

Haha! Sorry for the corny jokes and stupid comments. They're real stupid ya know.   

Installation and Uninstallation:


Simply extract/place the .pk3 files in your gamedata/base directory, and run the game!


Simply remove/delete the .pk3 files from your gamedata/base directory


=Darth= Clan for continual support!
JK2FIles for letting me serve on their wonderful site!
LucasArts and Raven for creating such a terrific game! 

Conditions of use and distrobution:

Feel free to distribute this skin as long as you do it:
a) Free of charge
b) With ALL of the files included, including this readme.


I am not responsible for anything these files may do to your computer. Use at your own risk.



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