a bit![/i]Whilst it does not seem to be explicitly stated in the readme, I would guess that this map is designed as a clan map, considering its theme and contents; a huge and very open map with lots of different and unique places to explore and use within it. Kind of like a theme park you could say. The readme contains quite a detailed list of the various features in this map, but a few of the notable ones include a galleon which appears to have just sailed out of a giant bottle, a hotel, a very cool admin room with what seem to be working viewscreens which display what is happening in the map (at first I thought they were windows until I realised the admin room was actually underground, I also didnt know that the necessary shaders and such for creating such viewscreens worked in JK2!), various things in the map you can change from the admin room such as; changing the water to lava, changing the sky to one of your choosing, including night skies and other cool stuff!One other thing you can change, which I should mention because it is so unusual, is the chat bubble, which can be changed to a small version of the LucasArts/Raven title sequence that plays when the game loads (among other things), I didnt know either changing the chat bubble image or making said image a video was even possible! Very clever!While there is certainly a lot to see in this map, I believe it needs a lot more work on the mapping side of things. At one side of the map you can see that portions of the big sandy mound there are invisible, this can be caused when a brush which has many faces is not made into a 'detail brush'; faces of the brush can disappear. To fix this make sure brushes like this are made into 'detail brushes' by selecting the brush and then going to selection make detail in GTK Radiant. Another issue is that the corners of what appear to be a racetrack around the edge of the map are made from patches which do not connect to anything, meaning you can look right round the gap between the rock wall and the patch which is meant to be the corner of the rock wall, this definitely needs to be fixed.Some proper lighting would also make a big difference, as the map is just using 'fullbright' at the moment. The map also doesnt have any music, which is another important part of a map. But I think that addressing some of the issues with the maps structure is more important to address first.Despite these things I like the theme of the map, there are a lot of interactive features and also some cool places to hang out, such as a fishing spot on the pier, the beach or maybe in the forest (though I think that the map needs some proper tree models - of which there are plenty n the Yavin models folder - as the current ones made from brushes are very blocky!).Keep up the mapping mcmonkey I hope you will continue refining this map and release new versions in the future! :)Bot Support: NoNew Textures: YesNew Sounds: NoNew Music: NoGame Types: FFA, TFFA, CTF, CTY, Holocron, Jedi Master, Duel~Nozyspy~


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