MCC Training

This new clan training map from Reyor-Wan Semaj is mostly a set of large connected executive-looking rooms. It includes waiting rooms, a lou...


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File Description

This new clan training map from Reyor-Wan Semaj is mostly a set of large connected executive-looking rooms. It includes waiting rooms, a lounge, a couple unique hallways, and a two-level hangar. All are big enough to fight in.

I did not find many alternate ways to get from place to place, so this map seems a bit linear. This means that as a hangout map it would be great, but for the every-man-for-himself type of FFA, there aren't many surprises. But maybe I just didn't find them.

For something that is completely enclosed and not overly high in polys, this map killed my FPS. I run a GeForce 2 Ti with 64MB DDR, and I usually get 60 FPS a t1024x768 in Bespin Streets. This map dropped me down to 20 FPS, and I'm not sure why.

The music, combined with the chosen sky texture for the windows, sets a GREAT mood for what would otherwise be a pretty average map, but I think with enough people, the FFA possibilities are pretty good.

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA


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File Name : mcctraining.pk3
File Size : 7.30 Mb
Date Released : 3-31-2003

Description : This map was created specifically for the Mad Council clan by Reyor-Wan Semaj, for training
and recruitment.
This is the first map I ever did with Radiant before I became a full time texture artist/website designer
and a part time mapper. I recently decided to go back and update the map and fix some issues. As well as 
adding new music and a bunch of new custom textures, plus a couple of our own shaders(Multiplayer Rain!). This is a precursor to the map being released by our
leader Onobi Foondu. Keep an eye out for MccVillage, our home clan map. 100% new textures, shaders, and a
sweet bot route setup.

Featuring plenty of room to train, a nice small lounge to relax in, and a tri level hangar with room to duel.

Additional Information: This map is compatible with FFA. Bots routes were included.

Play Information 

New Sounds : Yes
New Skins : No
New Objects : Yes
New Textures: Yes

Great thanks go to my clan, Mcc for giving me the help I needed to complete this map. Other credits go to 
David Lawrence Gregory the Musician who created some great background ambience for the map. And a special
thanks to Onobi Foodu our founder and lead mapping/coding artist for making multiplayer rain a possibility.

 How to install  

Just put the mcctraining.pk3 in GameData\base in your game directory, and it is selectable among the usual multiplayer maps.

Copyright / Permissions  

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