Michael Jackson V2



first of all, since most of the skins are the same I will copy/paste my previous review in for your reading pleasure. :)

Love him or loathe him, the late great Michael Jackson was and always will be the King of Pop. Adding to our collection of celebrity themed skins, we here have a Michael Jackson skin pack consisting of three skins. Although technically this isn't really a skin pack, since although there are three skins, two of them are the team skins for the default skin. Somewhat confusing I know, so it is kinda a skin pack because it has three completely different skins, but then again technically it isn't, because two of them are team skins. I notice this happens quite a bit, and it is a little disappointing really because it would be cool if all the skins were available from the default menu, and all of them had team skins of there own. But that's just my opinion!So, lets see what we have here, three incarnations of Jacko; one from 'Beat It!' one from 'Billy Gene' and one from the ever popular 'Thriller' (though not the zombie version, unfortunately!)I would venture a guess that it is the Lando model judging by the shape of the hair on the model, and after delving into the .pk3 my suspicions are confirmed; this is indeed the Lando model.I am impressed with these skins, they do genuinely look like Michael Jackson (the 80's Jacko of course...), the hair especially is well done considering that the shape of the models head doesn't allow a 100% accurate recreation of his hairstyle. The clothes are also accurate to the reference pictures I could find, and look as though they were photo-sourced which lends that extra bit of accuracy to them. Sometimes photo-sourcing doesn't work very well because you have to take into account all kinds of things like the quality of the photo and the angle of the person in it etc. But these look really good!Overall three really good looking skins here, although I think for the next version you should make all three available from the default skin menu and instead do team skins for each one. That's just my opinion though! Some new sounds like maybe Jacko shouting, "Just beat it!" as one of the sounds (roll, death sounds etc. since JK2 doesn't seem to have taunts like JKA) would be cool as well. Also I think it would be cool to add the zombie Jacko from Thriller in there as well, for good measure. All in all a good set of skins here! If you are a Michael Jackson fan, or just like the look of these skins, then be sure to give them a download!

Now, to the major change to this version... The "Beat It" skin, with the black leather jacket has had a colour change, the jacket now being red instead. This is now accurate to the version that was seen in the music video. Once again the textures appear to be photo sourced and are of good quality and resolution, so good work with the skinning there! :)It's also cool to see that the author added some new sounds for the roll and death sounds, etc. Including an evil laugh, which I presume to be from the "Thriller" video and that weird little "eeehhh hooo!" noise that MJ always makes while he is singing.As for improvements, I definitely think that this skin should be made as a separate skin, since at the moment it does replace the Lando skin. Apart from that, maybe you could make a bigger skin pack with more variations in!Once again, if you are a fan of MJ or just like the look of this skin pack, be sure to give it a download!A note to the author though... please to the zombie MJ from "Thriller" next time around! :)New Sounds: YesBot Support: NoTeam Support: Yes~Nozyspy~


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