Mkem's Doom 3 Parody DEMO

I was under the impression that a parody was meant to be funny, but I'm not seeing any humor here. I also wouldn't consider myself an expe...


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I was under the impression that a parody was meant to be funny, but I'm not seeing any humor here. I also wouldn't consider myself an expert in the Doom series, but I was fairly certain that it was some type of horror game -- or at the very least should be scary. I think the scariest experience I had in this demo was every time I killed a Rodian another one popped up behind it! Creepy, I tell ya...

Anyway, this is basically a group of very short single-player maps that are red and have a lot of Grans and Rodians in them. You need to figure out how to get where the automated voices tell you to go, and since I didn't have much of a problem with it it's obviously not hard enough (I'm a bit of a dunce when it comes to those kinds of things...). Most of the progression involved a wall exploding to reveal a new pathway once you killed every Gran or Rodian in that particular room.

There are hints in the form of PDAs scattered around, which really seemed more like tooltips to me (when was the last time a tooltip was actually useful?) and I found one secret area, although I wasn't looking for them by any means so there might be more than one. When you finish with the last level of the demo it just shoves you back to the beginning so you'll have to quit manually when you're finished, unless of course you want to play it again.

From a mapping perspective I found it a little bland. There was very little architectural variation, some z-fighting , no light sources that I could see, and I'm sure the red theme worked in Doom 3 but in JK3 it just gets boring (especially since the map was so bright). I'd say for a good Doom 3 campaign -- whether serious or satirical -- you need to go back and work on your mapping so that it's really a good representation of the Doom 3 style.

New Textures: No New Models: No New Music: No


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Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast
TITLE: Mkem's Doom 3 Parody DEMO
E-MAIL: [email protected]
GAME: JKII (Jedi Outcast)
CATEGORY: Maps>Single Player

FILENAME: doom3parody.pk3
DATE RELEASED: 13 January 2008

CREDITS: Me (For making maps), ID Software (for a great game this is based on) and LucasArts (For Star Wars and this game)

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Extract doom3parody.pk3 into your Jedi Outcast/Gamedata/base directory.

DESCRIPTION: I have done playing Doom 3 and thought "Must have more." and then I thought "There is no cookie without work (or somethink like that)." and then I thought again "Let's make one." and I have started making this SP campaign. I'm still working on the full campaign. You will have 3 choices with different endings, so it will be pretty much work. The best part of GTK Radiant I'm good at is scripting, so sorry for bad brush work.

TIPS AND TRICKS: Like in Doom 3 you can find PDAs all over in the base. There's not much PDAs, but if you find one (it's glowing green) press the USE key (Default "E") and read it. Some PDAs share feels of the (now dead) employees, some tell you something about your surroundings and some provide useful tips and hints. I said hints, which goes to another part. There is one hint in this demo, and it's impossible to miss it. The place acts strange, because... well... Try to think of it. Logic is no use in here. Almost forgot, make sure you do the right choice of Lightsaber Vs. Guns in some situations.

STORY: You are Kyle Katarn (duh) and you are a part of a 2 membered backup team. The team inculdes you and Jan Ors. Jan is now taking you in a transporter to a planet. The planet is acting strange, because it's surface is changing very fast AND the Earth has lost contact with it (It's a Fan-Fiction, so let's say there was Earth in Star Wars). 
So, flying in a ship, you wonder what the planet holds, what the uncontactable base holds in it's walls. *Find out the rest by yourself*

HOW TO PLAY: Start the game, open console by pressing [SHIFT] + [~] and write "map flight" without the quotes.

BUGS: I'm bad at brushwork, so some walls will be on the same place as the other, so it will not look good.

COMMENTS: Best played in First Person Mode. And when you are done playing the demo, you play it again, but with weapons you have found previously.


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