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I would have never thought that the original map could be made any better.... but how wrong was I ;). This preview has a ton more buildings,...


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I would have never thought that the original map could be made any better.... but how wrong was I ;). This preview has a ton more buildings, and is really shaping up to look like Tatooine! You can explore pretty much all the buildings in the map, it might even take you a bit to begin to realize where something is and the map layout! The map also has some extras to it such as the LandSpeeder. You can already picture what the map could look like when it's complete, but for now, this preview will have to hold you over :D 5745a.jpg5745b.jpg Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes

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Download '' (28.3MB)

Ok, here comes the new (9.19.02) preview-edition of the Mos Eisley Cantina.
-There is no bot-support so far, and the map is only presented in the last version I compiled
-There are several lightning issues, as this is only for gameplay testing

Textures are made by Tems, with some slight adjusted ones by yours truely.
-The bands music is included

This whole level is only a realization of what the designers and the crew of StarWars:IV A New Hope
build. My work is only recreating a digital reproduction of it. I tried to get the best result- there are
some minor changes, but those are only to make the level more authentic.

Known issues:
-The lighting is a bit darker than the previous beta- I will turn it up a bit again.
-The lights in the cantina itself (on every table) will be working in the next version.
-The borders of the map will be covered better- right now I am still working on expanding it.

For suggestions you can (as always) contact me at, or ICQ-UIN: 47835030

Special Thanks go out to:
Ydnar- for helping me and creating this wonderful program called Q3map2 :]
Jayna Alderaan- for helping me out every now and then :]]
Tems- although I haven't heard much of him lately he's the one who's to blame for this- It all started
	with those textures ;]
Limbonik 2.0- I'm still waiting for the tga_nagafortress, hopefully you'll finish it!
Everyone on the following boards who gave me feedback, I know I didn't implent everything, but I'll try:

Winner_Rex- for his bike, Mos Eisley wouldn't be the same without it

Simarilius- for his Landspeeder

Rickmus, from Ravenforums- Thanks for helping me, we would have searched a VERY long time for
the error- my CPU was broke. Good Luck with Q4!

All members of DGH.

Everyone I've forgot to mention- I haven't forgotten you, I'm only to lazy to type in everyone here ;)

Oh yeah, someone called George Lucas- I've had some very nice days because of him (and the opening
theme of SW still send a chill down my spine)

Bill Smith of WEG- for starting of my SW-Fantasies

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