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Mr Ging has decided to share his personal skin with the JK2 community. Now, keeping in mind that this seems to be his first attempt at skinn...


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Mr Ging has decided to share his personal skin with the JK2 community. Now, keeping in mind that this seems to be his first attempt at skinning and he tried using photos in this skin, well, ya gotta give him credit for the effort he put into this skin. About the face - well, I'm not even going to give an opinion because he did ask for help on that. So all of you very talented skinners out there, please, take a look at this skin and offer Mr Ging some advice on how to make this a better skin.

I kinda can see the look that Mr Ging was going for here, and y'know, I applaud him for his enthusiasm and for asking for constructive criticism on his skin. There's no bot support or new sounds, but he did include team colors. And I'm sure after a bit of advice and help from you guys, Mr Ging will have a great update for us in the near future! :)

Bot Support: No Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: No


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12th May 2003
  Skin's Name             : Mr Ging Skin
  Author                  : Mr Ging
  Email Address           :
  Skin's description      : The Mr Ging skin was made because I wanted
                            a customized skin but I believe in sharing.
                            The Skin is a guy wearing an Everton FC Top.
                            This skin has team colours (red and blue)
                            This is mostly new textures but I did use
                            lukes pants and boots.  The skin texture is
                            real and the hair is real.            
  Other info              : I was hoping to add Sounds to this skin but
                            I dont know how to add custom sounds so if
                            anyone fancies writing a tutorial please 
                            e-mail me :  Also I will
                            be adding new team colours but I probably
                            wont do this till I have the new sounds.
                            If any skinners download this can u please
                            tell me why the face isnt working.
  Additional Credits to   : George Lucas, Raven Software, Everton FC
  Thanks to               : ISO_HELLHOUND - For testing beta skin
                            ALL ISO members for their comments on the skin.
                            All who have downloaded the skin as it is you
                            the reason skins are made and uploaded!
  * Construction *
  Base                    : This is a based on the prisoner skin so it 
                            has the prisoners annoying sound. The actuall
                            skin is heavly based on photos.
  Editor used             : Paint Shop Pro 7, MGI Photosuite 4
  Known Bugs              : I cant get the face to show correctly if someone
                            fixes or knows how to fix this please let
  Build/Animation time    : 20hrs 
  * How to use this skin *
  Unzip the file "Ging.pk3" into the GameData/Base directory of wherever you installed Jedi Outcast. 
  Then go into the game and select the skin from the Player Setup Menu.

  * Copyright / Permissions *
  If you change anything on this skin PLEASE contact me at

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