MsR Magazine Volume 1, Issue 1



It always pleases me to see clans get creative with the way they get their name out there. Of course, it's not just all about pimping your clan. I remember when ICoP was around and we did the JK2 Swimsuit Calendar (http://www.jk2files.com/file.info?ID=9562). It's a refreshing change from all of the skins, maps and mods we get, y'know?

This here is the MsR Magazine. It's packed full of entertaining articles, some very funny ads, an interesting interview with a Stormtrooper, some comics, a few great photos and graphics, reviews of movies and music - everything you'd expect in a magazine. I definitely recommend you download this and browse through it. Great work, guys!


Oh ... and be aware that it is in pdf format, so you'll need Adobe Acrobat to view it!



Readme File ~Issue001.pdf  - 5.6 MB
MsR Magazine Volume 1, Issue 1 

Created by: MsR Magazine Staff

Managing Editor: [MsR]Doughty Gubay 

Staff Writers: [MsR]Beechbone, [MsR]Cybershark, [MsR]Doughty Gubay, [MsR]Drumstick, [MsR]Shadough and [MsR]Waffles

Feature Writers: [TMBJ]ÆtherWolf, [MsR]Doughty Gubay, [MsR]Shadough and [TMBJ]ViperEye

Production Team: [MsR]Ares, [MsR]Doughty Gubay, [MsR]Drumstick and [MsR]Shadough

Layout & Design: [MsR]Doughty Gubay

Advertisements: [MsR]Adamus, [MsR]Doughty Gubay and [MsR]Maximus

This file requires Adobe Acrobat Reader or compatible Acrobat software. 

MsR Magazine is an electronic publication printed for all walks of life. The views of all authors contributing to MsR Magazine are not necessarily the views of MsR Magazine, TMBJ, or MsR. The main concept of this magazine is to talk about the peripheral topics involving the gaming world with insight from the MsR and TMBJ clans.



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