Mystic Dragon Reborns



characters. Much of the time, the Reborn player model is reskinned by new skinners, since it is a fairly simple model to reskin. However, once in a while, we get an experienced author who takes a crack at the good old Reborn model, and comes out with a quite spectacular reskin. This is one of those times! Raschu here brings us his excellent looking Mystic Dragon Reborns skinpack. True to its name and theme, these skins certainly do have a dragon or lizard like feel about them. With the scaly skin on the face, the lizard like eyes and some pretty nasty teeth, these look like a group of lizard people you really wouldnt want to mess around with. ;)Included here are a variety of different coloured skins, there are ones with green faces, silver faces, one with a mixture of green and orange, and even a Darth Maul themed one with a black and red face, to name but a few (there are lots here!). The Desann soundset used for the sounds also works well for these skins. Team colours are also included, where the robes have been colourised to each teams colour, however there is only one skin to choose from for each team.There are a few things I feel could be improved upon however. Although considering the overall very good quality of these skins, there arent many. One of the main things is the lack of bot support, which I feel should be included if a v2 is made. Another thing is that I think it would be cool to try and find some custom sounds to use for these skins, perhaps some hissing snake noises, or other reptilian noises to add that bit extra depth to the characters.Overall however, this is an excellent and very large skinpack. It is all the more impressive considering what a unique and different set of skins has been made out of the humble Reborn skin. I look forward to seeing more from you Raschu!If you guys like the look of this skinpack, then give it a download. I definitely recommend it! :)New Sounds: NoBot Support:NoTeam Support: Yes~Nozyspy~


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