Nacho Cheeze



you see in NASA's fake vids...Umm, ehem, anyway here we have cheese of a different nature, Nacho Cheeze to be exact. What or who is Nacho Cheeze you ask? Well it is the JK2 alter ego of the author! This skin is one of those personal skins which represents the real life author ingame. These are perhaps some of the most unique skins we get because, well, everyone is unique!Here we have a reskin of the Jan model, since the author is herself a girl! We don't get that many gamer girls around here, either that or there are loads we just never know about!Anyway, these skins are pretty good I think, although the texture alignment and resolution could be better in places. There are team skins, each of which is different to the default one rather than just being a re-coloured version, which adds a bit more variety. Obviously being based on the Jan model she has that strange glove on, here re-textured with a symbol on it that I cant quite make out. Out of all of them I would say that the blue team version needs the most work doing to it, mainly on the jeans where the textures don't match very well and the resolution is pretty low. Apart from that though this is a good set of skins here, and I look forward to the return of Nacho Cheeze as "Double-Oh-Cheeze" ;)New Sounds: NoBot Support:NoTeam Support: Yes~Nozyspy~


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