New Sariss Jk2version Skins

I'm assuming by the title, that this person is a character from JK1 (I've never played, but I don't know). Regardless of where she comes fro...


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I'm assuming by the title, that this person is a character from JK1 (I've never played, but I don't know). Regardless of where she comes from, it's a good skin. I'm sure most guys (myself included) will enjoy the skimpy clothing. Maybe this'll be some competition for Jane Pink and Nude Tavion.

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==JEDI KNIGHT 2 JKO==   Sariss From JK1 for multiplayer

Title                   : new Sariss Jk2version skins
File Name               :
Author(s)               : Mystery_Knight
Date of Release         : aug 26 2002

Email Address           : [email protected]
Misc. Author Info       : not too bad for someone's second skin. :)

Description             : Bot support is included, default,red,blue                              skins with new icons.

Additional Credits to   : me,myself, and AYE.

Beta Testers            : Mystery_Knight  (:>)

The screen cap in the zip shows how i went from the lucasarts reference
drawing and used the original texture files from the Jk1 game until the finished product.
And a big PPPFFFFTTT!<--(sticks out tounge) To the guy who said my work was plain, he has no idea what went into the skin.
I bet NOW he knows what a work in progress means! WIP.
Of Course i bet he still can't read english!

Now the boots aren't perfect, but they will do for now,i really liked doing the knee guard, and i did the ass cheeks lighter on purpose, gives who's chasing you something to look forward too, LOOKS BETTER IN sp FOR SOME REASON.. (:>) Her default bot saber color is yellow.

Later i'll release the SP version that replaces TAVION,
it looks really cool in the cutscenes!

Footnote: I would have preferred to do two, this version and the original from jk1...but no modeler help, no new skin!
i wanted a classic version with a cape and fishnet stockings,
which looks good (I know i played with the skin), but no model, no new version. :(

Also included: four new colors, gold,orange,purple,and teal.
The skins are colored and skn files ready, maybe Tchouky can make a mod that will expand the team colors to add these? (crosses fingers XX).

icons for ALL 7 colors included.

I got plenty of ideas to mix and match meshes but no modeler to help me. :(    is any modeler up for the challenge?

Or are you just too busy telling me my skins are plain?!
(yea i'm not bitter, nah not me)

Inside zip is 
1 pk3
1 WIP cap
1 reference WIP cap
1 readme....this one.

Place "MP_mk_sariss_jk2version.pk3"  in the gamedata\base\directory
and remember.......Have fun!

MK (:>)

Sorry it's so long, but i want to avoid repeating the answers in the files comments area when posted!

* I admit that * 
(as required by the LEC Licence Agreement about Addon Levels)

1. My Level works only with the retail version of the
   Software, and does not work with any demo or OEM versions
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4. My Level does not include any LEC sound effects or music files or 
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