NHL Shootout

Hockey's not one of the more popular sports, especially in the western hemisphere. But hey, even hockey needs some love, y'know? So you all...


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Hockey's not one of the more popular sports, especially in the western hemisphere. But hey, even hockey needs some love, y'know? So you all know the basics of hockey, right? You've got a puck and five skaters on the ice, plus a goalie. You thwack the puck with some sticks and try to score a goal. Simple. This map is an as-of-yet-unnamed ice arena where it seems the Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers will play. Let's split this into pros and cons.


  • It's an ice rink, and it's obvious. There's really no question, which means at the very least the author accomplished making what he was attempting to.
  • It's not just an ice rink, but things like the concession area, locker rooms, and the arena entrance have all been included.
  • One neat feature is the goal horn, which seems to be different for each team. There is a scoring booth on either end of the rink. To set off the horn, all you have to do is bump yourself into the switch for the team you want.
  • The concession area is totally cool.


  • The architecture is very blocky. The only thing I thought really looked like what it was supposed to was the rink itself. And the actual goals themselves... well I don't know what sport they come from, but it's not hockey.
  • The ice doesn't act like ice. :( :( :( No hockey games for you!
  • Texturing is repetitive and not really reminiscent of a hockey rink. Except the rink, of course.
  • No bot support, so definitely no hockey games.

Maybe I shouldn't be listing some of this stuff, since I confess to not know precisely what JO is not capable of that JA is, but if ice effects are possible in JO they should definitely be added. I must confess the music is also a bit annoying, though luckily it's soft enough and "background" enough that you can indeed just stop thinking about it and not hear it so much. Overall an interesting idea, but an aesthetic overhaul certainly couldn't hurt.

By the way... Calgary and Edmonton? :lol:

Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Models: No New Music: Yes


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Download 'hockey.zip' (7.59MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast 
TITLE: NHL Shootout 
AUTHOR: ~D'Spsril 
E-MAIL: [email protected] 

FILENAME: hockey.pk3 
DATE RELEASED: March 4 2007 

CREDITS: Song playing: The Hockey Song by Stompin' Tom Connors, used the door texture from Sirhc's Bowling, all other textures were made by me or Lucasarts.
 Goal horns taken from http://www.2khockey.net/downloads/filesystem/index.php?direction=0&order=mod&directory= Goal%20Horns/-%20NHL%20Arenas&PHPSESSID=87a814391b3462335e0c4663cf0e4802
 Also I'd like to thank Vull for helping me test the map.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Extract hockey.PK3 to your Lucasarts/Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast/gamedata/base folder.

DESCRIPTION: This is just a small hockey arena, includes a consession area, balcony seats, and working goal horns (Calgary flames and Edmonton Oilers goal horns used)
This map would mainly be used for shootouts as I cant see any way to have an actual hockey game. I've also made it so when you score you recieve a kill point (one point added to your score) just so you can keep track of the goals scored.

BUGS: Some textures make the water sound when walked on. not really a bug but something to watch out for would be shooting the detonator directly into the back of the net as it'll bounce right out and the horn wont go off, you wont get a point either. 

COMMENTS: A fun map if you can get over the fact that it IS kinda dark, however the ice is lit up well enough to see, and if u can look past the fact that there are no bot routes.
I figured there'd be no point as they wouldnt really do much toward playing a hockey game. Recommended download for all hockey fans!

How to play: To play a shootout one guy stands in front of a net while the other guy tries to score. The shooter must not stop or move backwards, must always be moving forward. The shooter also only gets ONE shot!
After the shooter scores/misses then he moves to the other side of the rink and defends the other net. play continues until after 3 rounds one shooter has more goals.
When I was testing this map we had a 'score sheet' that looked like X-X X-X X-X. X = yet to shoot. after the 1st shot it would look like 1-x x-x x-x. 1 = scored, 0 = missed. Any questions just ask.


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