Well, I must say, I think this is a first! I don’t think I have ever reviewed a skin before where the skin is actually what the author looks like in real life…interesting idea!

From the photo that the author actually included of himself, you can make quite a good comparison with this skin. I must say he has done a good job, I’m not a skinner so I don’t know quite how the texturing process works. But it seems that he has photo-sourced the textures actually from his own clothes. This obviously means that the textures on the skin are in fact what he himself is wearing, which increases the likeness, rather than trying to make new textures from scratch.

I’m not sure exactly what the ‘Beatsteaks Vs Beethoven’ thing on the T-shirt is supposed to mean…but being someone who rather likes classical music, I am afraid that in a musical fight, I would have to side with Beethoven. ;)

Ehmm anyway...

The jeans are also well done, though they look a little flat, I would suggest adding some creases around the knees and such to give the texture a bit more depth.

Now onto the shoes. Completing this outfit are what appear to be a pair of red and black chequered Vans skate shoes, or something very similar. They have been well skinned onto the model and overall go with the rest of the outfit.

Hmm…this is worrying… I’m beginning to sound like a fashion adviser here!

Ok, let’s move on quickly!

All in all a well-done reskin here, though there are some areas that could be improved upon. For one I feel the textures could do with some creases and such to add a bit more depth and also the hair needs some more work. It doesn’t sit on the head quite right, and for some reason the hair texture also appears on the front of the neck too. Along with that it doesn’t blend properly with the hair texture on the face. Unfortunately the skin doesn’t include team support, but on the plus side it doesn’t overwrite any of the default skins in JK2.

But these are only minor things, and overall I think the author (presumably also called Niklas in real life) has done a good job in making a likeness of himself.

So if you are Niklas, are a friend of Niklas, or otherwise know Niklas, then you will like this skin!

As for everyone else, if you like the look of the work, give it a download! :)

New Sounds: No Bot Support: No Team Support: No




Niklas_himself - JK2

Title			: Niklas_himself
GAME			: Jedi Knights Outcast

Author			: Niklas

File Name		: Niklas_himself.pk3
File Size		: 3.6MB

A reskin of the jedi.

Who is this?
The skin actually is myself.

Support: No new sounds, no bot support but won't replace another model/skin.

extract & put into your base folder.

Thanks to:


this skin is not in any way affiliated with lucas arts or george lucas, raven and whoever else made these great games.

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