Niko Bellic



somewhat neglected in our efforts to keep up with the much more voluminous JKA files queue. Again I apologise for the delay![/i]Here we have a skin of Niko Bellic, the somewhat thuggish looking protagonist of Grand Theft Auto IV. Does this skin resemble him? Well, yes, it does indeed! The somewhat lumpy face and gruff facial hair is all there, presumably because the face has been made via photosourcing. This skin is based on the Luke model I believe, and that leads to some problems since the Luke model has a belt which has been skinned over by the characters coat. This obviously doesn't look quite right. Personally I would have suggested using one of the Jedi Trainer models. The one with the shaved head would have fit well, since he not only doesn't have a belt or any other peripherals modelled onto him. But also because the Luke model has quite large hair which is not really suitable for this skin since the Niko character has a very short crew cut hair style. Overall the skinning job is pretty good and it does indeed look like the Niko character, from the reference pictures I found, it also has bot support which is always a nice plus. Overall good work here, if you are a fan of the GTA series you may like this skin, although I hope next time around it will get team support! :)New Sounds: NoBot Support: YesTeam Support: No~Nozyspy~


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