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Having played JK2 since it came out, I can tell you that the Bespin Streets map was always very popular, and I’m sure a lot of people will a...


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Having played JK2 since it came out, I can tell you that the Bespin Streets map was always very popular, and I’m sure a lot of people will agree with me on that.

I know there have been a few different twists on the Bespin Streets map by a few different authors in the past, but now, Deathmore gives us a new twist on this popular map.

Its Bespin….but with Yavin textures! Yeah, I know at first glance that that may sound a bit bland, but really, the Yavin textures bring a new flavour to this map! Infact, its not only been retextured, there are also a lot of new and hidden areas. In some areas it feels like a warren, with loads of tunnels, and little rooms. The Yavin textures have been used pretty well, and it does give the feeling of an ancient town or something like that. And the new areas bring new life to places that you couldn’t go to in the Base JK2 Bespin Streets map, like on top of the towers (it always annoyed me on the original map that I couldn’t get up there lol, I always thought it would be a great place for sniping).

It does have bot support, but I noticed the bots sometimes seemed to get stuck :S And there is no new music which is a shame, but the normal Bespin Streets music still works ok nevertheless.

I also liked the new “statue” in the main square, I thought that was a nice touch ;)

Not a bad map here at all, if you liked the original Bespin Streets, then you might like this, certainly if you liked both the Bespin Streets map and the Yavin maps, then I’m sure you will like the mix of the two themes here :)

One thing I loved was the snooker table (no im not telling you where it is, you will have to find it yourself :P)

Also, look out for secrets ;) One that I liked was where the floor was really slippy and you kept sliding around. Careful not to slide into the blocks in the corners of the walls though, because they will bounce you all over the place, hehe.

A few things that could be improved upon though, in some areas the lighting was perhaps a bit too colorful, like very strong reds and other colors, perhaps these could be toned down a little. There also didn’t seem to be anything that would emit a red light or the other strong colors, the light just seemed to be coming from nowhere.

Also, some of the new areas seemed a little, bland, maybe you could add some more detailing to them, to make them connect better to the original map.

Nevertheless, a decent map here, and im sure if you like the Yavin style, or like new twists on the Bespin Streets map, then you will like this ;)

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: No New Sounds: No New Music: No Game Types: FFA, TFFA, H-FFA, Jedi Master


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Jedi Knight 2 Map Info

Title: 		noFear Bespin Map
Author: 	/nF.Deathmore (aka. ^S^i^l^e^n^t.Assassin)

File Name:	nF_bespin.pk3
PK3 Size:	2.6mb (approx)
Date Released:	23 June, 2005

Description:	This is basically an update of my last Bespin edit - ffa_SAbespin.
		However, this time I decided to change the whole look of the 
		place. I've retextured the whole place with Yavin's textures
		just to make it look a little nicer. I think it gives it a really
		good new look anyway. I changed the skybox back to Bespin however,
		due to some dodgy problems with the Yavin skybox that I tried
		to fix, but I'm not really that good...

		Anyway, these are the changes I've made to Bespin, including
		the changes made from Bespin to SAbespin
		* The obvious retexturing to Yavin textures
		* Two extra duelling pads added - One below the original pad
						  One over the other side of the map
		* Extra interior sections added like inside the building by the pad
		Original boundaries removed so you can go onto the tower and behind
		buildings without teleport.
		* Strange mini-building style thingy found after decompiling the map
		that was just off the side of the map. This has been included in the
		map itself just because I liked it.
		* Ability to go on top of, and into the building by the pad, with a
		  pool added on top of one.
		* Skybox returned to Bespin (from ffa_SAbespin's Yavin skybox)
		* Duel/Force Fight room added
		* A little secret room many missed in SAbespin. It has a little surprise
		  in it so go explore!
		* The trigger to kill at the edge of the map lowered, so you can drop down
		  and run through a new passageway all the way across the bottom of the
		* Trees and "park" area added behind building, along with pool and diving
		* Closed off Bar section with snooker table, bar and stripper poles.
		* Last minute "Party" room added to make us of an empty room. Different
		  colored lights and stuff like that.
		* Couple of other things to look out for. Basically a lot of the doors
		  on the map now actually lead somewhere.
		* Bot route from ffa_bespin used, but there isn't much point using it
		  because the bots get confused with the change.

Installation:	Extract the file nF_bespin.pk3 to the /GameData/base file in your JK2
		installation folder

Instructions:	Just like all other maps, use the command /map nF_bespin to access
		this on your own server (or use /rcon map etc. for rcon use).

Thanks:		Thanks to Richdiesal's JK2 Radiant Map Source for how to actually
		edit maps.(
		Thanks to LucasArts for the game's Bespin level to make
		this edit possible.
Other Files to
look out for:	Other files I've done - * ffa_SAbespin
					* Silent Assassins Skin Pack
					* -=DJA=-Skin Pack


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