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AAAA!!! I learned more than I ever wanted about nonagrams (a.k.a., Enneagram or Star of Goliath) from the readme for this skin. It's k...


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AAAA!!! I learned more than I ever wanted about nonagrams (a.k.a., Enneagram or Star of Goliath) from the readme for this skin. It's kinda cool that the description was included and stuff, it was just a bit too much. By the way, if you hadn't guessed yet, a nonagram is the thing that's on the front of this Black Knight skin. It's a pretty decent skin in most areas. The arm cuff things are very cool and ... well ... visually that's about it. Maybe I'm missing some subtle details or something, but I wasn't impressed by anything else I saw here. The "chainmail" or whatever that is he's wearing just looks kinda like sparkly fabric. *shrug* And everything else is just a bit boring and plain.

Now the sounds are great! Some are from Monty Python (of course!) and Star Trek. The jump/roll sound is perfect. Most of the sounds are humorous and fit this skin quite well.

Bot Support: No Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: Yes


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Name: Noir de Chevalier (Black Knight in French; the translation is not exact, I embellished a bit :P )

File name: noirchev.pk3

Author: Space Goat ([email protected])

Based on: the unreleased Crusader/Boss skin by [UJ]SnowNinja, which itself is based on the Reborn model

Team Support: Yes

Custom Sounds: Yes (from Monty Python and Star Trek)

Bot Support: No



I would like to thank [UJ]Star*Crossed for her help testing this skin with me, as well as for suggesting the nonagram for placement on the front of the tunic.

Also, [UJ]SnowNinja deserves my gratitude for assisting me when I first began to skin, and for directing me towards some good Photoshop blood tutorials.


What is a NONAGRAM?


"Origin: ?

Other Names: Enneagram, Star of Goliath

by: magpie

The nonagram (nine-pointed star) is comprised of three equilateral triangles rotated at 0°, 40°, and 80° angles. It has been used in several different belief systems, from ancient Egyptians to Christianity. There are variations that show it being drawn as one continuous line; however, the combination of three triangles appears to be far more common. It is considered to be symbolic of achievement and stability.

In ancient Egypt, the nonagram represented the number of gods in the Enneads; the most common Ennead was eventually carved down to a triad, comprised of Isis, Osiris and Horus. Other groups were used (such as the Ogdoad of Hermopolis), but the group that seems to have been most important was the Ennead of Heliopolis (Re/Re-Atum, Shu, Tefnut, Geb, Nut, Osiris, Isis, Seth and Nepthys).

There are a number of other systems where the number nine comes into play: The nonagram is considered to be a sacred symbol in the Baha'i Faith, as it is for other faiths. However, the nonagram as a representation of the Baha'i Faith appears to be a modern addition. Another notable system is that of the Taoist kanji (psychic centers). These psychic centers correspond somewhat with the Hindu chakras (of which there are only seven). They are as follows: Taoist Kanji Chu (pillar) - base of the spine Shen (body) at the gentials Kai (open) at the Hara point (two inches below the navel) Tai (belt) at the navel Sha (to die) at the solar plexus Jen (man) at the throat Tung (understand) at the third-eye Hua (flower) at the top of the head Tao (path / way) in the aura. Hindu Chakra Muladhara (root/support) - base of the spine Svadhisthana (sweetness) - Abdomen, Genitals, lower back, hips Manipura (lustrous jewel) - Solar Plexus Anahata (unstruck) - Heart area Visshudha (purification) - Throat Ajna (to perceive) - Brow Sahasrara (thousandfold) - Top of head, cerebral cortex.

During the Middle Ages, it was associated with the Knights Templar.

In Christianity, it is sometimes considered to be a symbol of the Nine Gifts of the Spirit (benevolence, happiness, humbleness, leniency, love, loyalty, patience, peace and temperance). In the Kabbalah, this symbol is linked to the sefira Yesod (foundation), and assocated with human conception and natal development."



To install this skin, unzip the noirchev.pk3 into your Gamedata/base folder, of Jedi Outcast and/or Jedi Academy.

For Jedi Academy, I would recommend using the JA+ client plugin by Slider as well, so you can hear more of the skin's sounds.



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