Nvidia Stereo Driver Support



From the Author:

Because JK2 looked really ugly thru my stereo glass (displaced HUD and such things), I worked out how to adopt the stereo settings for quake 3 arena provided with Nvidia’s stereo drivers.

Important Note:Please keep in mind that this gives instructions to make changes to your registry! Only use this at your own discretion and only if you feel you need to. If you do decide to use this then make sure you remember what all you changed/added so that if something goes wrong you can revert back to your original registry. Do not use this if you're unsure about the results, I cannot stress enough how sometimes making registry changes can seriously mess up your computer. I have not tried this because I do not have Nvidia drivers so I'm not sure what this will do exactly, but I thought incase some people needed such information this *might* be of some use. Once again download/use this at your own choice so do not blame JK2Files or the Author if something goes wrong with your computer as you have been plenty warned :)! This file has no connections with Raven or LucasArts in any way so don't blame them either!


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