Vader1122, the author of the officer pack has sent in six skins, reskins of the Imperial officer.

While the readme itself seems to have...


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Vader1122, the author of the officer pack has sent in six skins, reskins of the Imperial officer.

While the readme itself seems to have been mixed up with maybe another submission? Here's a good idea on what you're gonna be getting with this file.

The Imperial officer has been recolored to the authors liking, reflecting better how each individual rank shown in the screenshots should look in his opinion. There is the Lieutenant, Captain and Officer, who share basically the exact same color scheme. A grey smock top complete with imperial rank designation that I'll talk more about in a second. Other than the rank insignea, the rest of these three skins are the same. The base officer is clad in the familiar tan jacket and pants that Imperials are usually pictured in. Then there is the General and Grand Admiral skins, black and white in scheme respectively. Other than the color changes between skins, there really isn't alot different from the origional officer skins.

Save on thing.

The designation each skin gets according to rank. This is one thing I'm very glad to see, given that insignea's usually do reflect ones rank in whatever organization one is involved in. I wish I could do backflips when reviewing this skin, and don't get me wrong the attention to detail that was paid to the designation on each skin is appreciated, it's just not enough for me to be excited over. One thing that would have sent this skin way up in my opinion would have been new sounds. It's just something that's almost expected now a days with skin submissions. Maybe even just one really cool taunt. Sometimes that's really all it takes to set a skin apart from being just normal, and in this case it really could have added alot.

In any case, the author knows what he's doing when it comes to skinning, just a few ingenuitive changes and this could be a really really good skin. Add some sounds,get in the appropriate readme and resubmit! * i hope * Keep up the good work , here's hoping we see more of your stuff soon.

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Readme File:

Title : Lord Desann
Author : Andreas Hagen
E-Mail :
File Name :

Description :This is a reskin of the Desann model. His clothes are now darker and more imperial.

Installation : Extract lord_desann.pk3 to the \gamedata\base directory under your Jedi Oucast game directory.

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