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There is something to be said for continuity. While I do prefer clan skins to reflect the personality of each individual, there does need to be one thing that ties them all together. In this case, the official [JaR] clan skins are all flight suits.

As you can see from the screenshots, all of the flight suits are quite similar in appearance, but each one has something different that makes it unique - not only being on different models. For most of these skins, there are different, but species specific, sounds and taunts.

The icons in the player select menu also have a nice uniform look to them, except for the Reborn one. In fact, the Reborn's icon looks very different (maybe something wrong with it?) from the others. Also, there seems to be a shader problem with the fins on the Rodian (unless that was intentional?). However, these are very minor issues and are hardly worth mentioning.

All in all, I would say this is a very well done, solid skin pack. I hope that Bralt branches out and makes more than just clan skins. :)

Bot Support: No Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: Yes (SP)





1) How To Install
drag the pk3 files to your gamedata/base folder

2) This Pack Includes
- JaR Kyle: A reskin of Kyle (duh) with teamcolors
- JaR Lando: A reskin of Lando...with teamcolors
- JaR Reborn: A reskin of the reborn model with teamcolors
- JaR Rodian: Rodian reskin with teamcolors 
- JaR Trandoshan: A reskinned trandoshan with teamcolors

all the skins are the official JaR flight suit on these models.

3) Credits:
Textures made by: Bralt Hannicart (the pants are based of Kyle's pants)
The .skin files and sounds done by Jovan Stanimirovic (he imported them into the game)
The sounds are sounds from the game

The skins may not be used without either Bralts or Jovans written permission
copyrighted © 2003 Bralt Hannicart and Jovan Stanimirovic

4) Disclaimer:
we nor Lucasarts and Raven Software, hold no responsibility for installing these skins. 
use at own risk

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