Old Republic Pilot

Siggeman brings us his first skin, a recolored, retextured Prisoner model made to look like the Old Republic pilots as seen in the screen sh...


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File Description

Siggeman brings us his first skin, a recolored, retextured Prisoner model made to look like the Old Republic pilots as seen in the screen shots for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. This is mostly a color job, as you can see from the screenshot, but Siggeman says the face has been altered somewhat as well.

For a first attempt, this is not bad. I have seen much worse. I would like to have seen the clothing texture a little sharper, a little less fuzzy, but the colors seem to go well and the pattern is drawn nicely. Good job doing your homework and doing the bot support and team colors!

Siggeman says he's a n00b skinner, so please go easy on him and keep your comments constructive so he can get better.

Not all that great, but certainly better than my first attempt. :)

Bot Support: Yes Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: No (Prisoner)


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Old Republic Pilot
 Title                         : Old Republic Pilot from KOTOR
 Filename                 : oldrepublicpilot.pk3
 Author                    : Siggeman
 E-Mail Address     : evansigmund@yahoo.com

  *Description*	: Old Republic Pilot as seen in screenshots for "Knights of the Old                                                                        Republic". This is a reskin  of the Raven "Prisoner"  model, with reshaped, resized,                                       and  recolored  textures that came with "Jedi Outcast," and a brand new face texture
  Includes team colors, "oldrepubicpilot" bot and uses "rebel" sounds.
  Programs used           : Modview, Paint Shop Pro 7, Corel Draw 9, Notepad, Pakscape, Winzip

 *Comments*       :This is the first skin I have ever made, and I am proud of it! However if anyone has any                                 (negative) comments on it, please be kind, for this is only my FIRST attempt at skinning.
                             And the bot is a little wierd, and it likes to jump around a lot, but I don't know how to fix this. 
  *Thanks to*               : jp-30 for writing a GREAT tutorial on skinning for 'n00bs' which can be found at                                                   http://www.theforce.net/games/jo/skinning.shtml
 Additional thanks            :to Grim for making/supplying me with the new facial texture used in making this skin
  * Installation *
  Unzip the file "oldrepublicpilot.pk3" into the GameData/Base directory of Jedi Outcast. 
  Then go into the game and select the skin from the Player Setup Menu.
 Distrobution of this file must include this file or something giving credit to the makers including myself.

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