Old Yavin Temple

When I first saw the title of this file, I must admit that I got my hopes up. Old Yavin Temple. I had high expectations just from that title...


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When I first saw the title of this file, I must admit that I got my hopes up. Old Yavin Temple. I had high expectations just from that title. Well, as the old addage goes, you certainly cannot judge a book by it's titl- er ... cover. Right. Well, it's the same principle. Wesley Wong has created this small FFA map that looks like it might be fun to play with about half a dozen people and with guns. I do appreciate it when people make maps using textures that come with the game because that means small file size and not much of a chance for missing textures. Yay! Unfortunately, though, that also means monotony in some cases. This temple has your typical temple type textures. The lighting is sparse, but it kinda works for this map. It has a couple of deathtraps, sorta. A body of electrified water will kill you on contact, and a pit that if you fall into will also kill you instantly. Some of the weapon placement makes sense - the Repeater is placed in a hallway and the Disrupter is high on the roof of the temple. But some things, like the Sentry is on one of the pillars, the trip mines are just kinda in the middle of the floor somewhere. Meh. Just seems randomly placed.

This map supports both FFA and TFFA and while it does have music, it's nothing new. Since there's no bot support, I can't see any reason that those who don't play online would download this map. It just isn't visually appealing enough to be worth the download. Whenever I review a map, I consider it for my own servers that I run. This is not a map I would add to my rotation. Especially since the servers I run are saber only. There's just not enough here to keep me or my server regs interested. On the plus side, there are no errors, just a few little mistakes here and there in the map that really aren't worth mentioning. According to the readme, this is the author's second map, so I'd say it's a decent job for a beginner. :) Keep mapping, you can only get better with time.

Bot Support: No New Textures: No New Music: No Game Types: FFA, TFFA


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Download 'ffa_tffa_old_yavin_temple.zip' (1.84MB)


Title			: FFA_TeamFFA_OldYavinTemple <MULTIPLAYER>
Author			: Wesley Wong
E-Mail			: phantomtrilogy3@hotmail.com / phantomtrilogy3@yahoo.com
Website			: <none>

File Name		: ffa_tffa_old_yavin_temple
File Size		: About 1.81 MB
Date Released		: Monday, August 11, 2003

Description		: This is a small little FFA/TeamFFA temple map (in Yavin) that I thought would be cool.  I know that SP_EMPERIALBASE sucked - now I have music, better textures, doors, etc.  Hope you enjoy this multiplayer map!

Installation:  To install, simply unzip (using WinZIP or any other ZIP associated programs) the &quot;ffa_tffa_old_yavin_temple.zip&quot; file into your gamedata/base foler (in your JK2 folder in &quot;Program Files&quot;)  Start up a multiplayer game and when u make a server, the map name should read, &quot;Old Yavin Temple&quot;.  Select that map and enjoy!  You can alse view the map in Single Player by typing &quot;map ffa_tffa_old_yavin_temple&quot; in the console (Press and hold SHIFT then press ~).

Comments		: At first the map may be a bit laggy, but it will go away.  Its because my Chaulk (texture) was missing.  Sorry!  If there are any problems with bots or the map, feel free to contact me!

Special thanks to Richdiesal's JK2 mapsource and the Captain, of Captain Shuttle Studios! =P


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