Oram's skin



re-skin of the reborn. The author decided to re-color the skin with a light blueish tone. Aside from re-coloring, he also added his name on both the front and back of the skin itself. What truly makes this reborn shine is the multiple shaders added. To my surprise, I discovered that both team versions have different shaders added, which is quite nice. To be specific, let's take a look below:Default Version: Light Blue ShaderRed Team Version: Red ShaderBlue Team Version: Dark Blue Shader As far as the various shaders go, they definitely add two of my favorite traits of skins and/or models to the table: uniqueness and creativity. If you ask me, the shaders blend well with the skin as a whole and present that ''eye candy'' aspect that everybody just adores. >_>One of the last things I'd like to discuss is the sounds. I was kind of disappointed when I saw that there was no new sound files added. After discovering the shaders, I expected more fun to come. Nevertheless, I'm sure the author would be willing to add new sounds in a possible V2. Let's hope, eh? Overall, this isn't a bad re-skin. The only improvements, if that's what you'd call them, is adding new sound files and adding some more features to your skin. I can't really think of any off the top of my head, but I'm sure with your creativity, you'll find something! I am definitely looking forward to a V2 of this skin! Great work Oram! This is definitely worth a download if you're in Clan Apathy or desire to use other clan's skins. Bot Support: AyeTeam Support: AyeNew Sounds: Nay (Hopefully in a V2!)~Syyrax


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