={ORb}= Office Complex "Midnight"

={ORb}= Office Complex "Midnight" is an interesting concept. And I like the concept. The landing pad makes a great place for duels and the...


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={ORb}= Office Complex "Midnight" is an interesting concept. And I like the concept. The landing pad makes a great place for duels and there's a swimming pool, complete with diving board just on the side of the office building. There were a few things that I just didn't get. One or two rooms that I just couldn't figure out what their use was. Then again, I didn't have coffee before doing this review. :P

Scattered throughout both office buildings are several offices. And serving as a room divider in one office is a big box of water - which I think we're supposed to stretch our imagination and believe it is an aquarium. The elevator in one of the buildings works fine, as long as you're going up. But if you want to go down, you're gonna have to jump and just be thankful for the abundance of health all around.

In some of the offices are these enormous coatracks that could almost serve as gallows. LOL And speaking of big, the file cabinets are so large, I don't think it's just files they're storing - question is - what? :/

Anyway ... this is a fun map, though a bit "blocky". You'll notice when you're outside that the grassy rock hill block things seem a bit ... odd. And the plants that are all over the map are the same "consistancy". But considering how the desks and file cabinets and other things were built, the foliage seems fitting. One thing I can't complain about is how smoothly the map ran. :) Overall, a decent clan map. It will definitely be interesting to see what Orbitius builds next. :)

Bot Support: No New Textures: No Game Type: FFA


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Download 'ffa_orb.zip' (6.16MB)


={ORb}= Office Complex "Midnight"

Created by: Orbitius

Contracted by: Orbitius

Email: [email protected]

ORb URL (subject to change): http://www32.brinkster.com/orbclan

Music by: The Liquid Jade Project (Orbitius)

This map was originally created for -rukus- clan, then revised for ={ ORb}=  clan. It is the first in a three part series, 
the next being ={ORb}= Office Complex "Day dreaming" and then ={ORb}= World, the jedi's amusement park.

This is an ffa map only, and it does not contain bot support, sorry. Who likes bots anyways. 


P.S.  If the map appears to dark, then you need to adjust your brightness a noch or two.

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