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There are times that I review maps and I just have difficulty coming up with what to say about it. I want to say good things, but I want to...


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There are times that I review maps and I just have difficulty coming up with what to say about it. I want to say good things, but I want to be honest. This is one of those maps. There's nothing really wrong with this map, save a few errors here and there. But there's only one thing about this map that really makes it stand out. If you like guns FFAs, then you might find the last screenshot interesting. It's a room FULL of cargo boxes. And weapons. And ammo. And tons of places to duck, take cover, sneak up behind someone and kill them. This would be a GREAT place for a guns FFA. Unfortunately, no other areas in this map really made an impression on me. But it is a clan map, so that's okay. :) It's for the Peacekeepers clan, so if they're happy with it, I can be, too.

Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: No Game Types: FFA


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Download '' (2.54MB)

---------- Peacekeepers Clan Map  --  Beta ----------

note: Written on the 16 january of the year 2005

--  Intallation instructions  --

Extract the pk.pk3 file into your base folder.
The base folder should be in your GameData folder witch is in your main game folder.
Run game and find PeaceKeaperS under your map list or do (dev)map pk in console.

--  Info  --

This is the map for Peacekeepers (PK) a clan of mine.
It is for Jedi Knight 2 : Jedi Outcast.

Current structure:

-- Basement (Currently finished) --
Garage (2 vs 2 duel etc. .i donno)
Guns FFA
Mines area (for a member of the clan who cant get enough of em)
somekind of training area .. havent figured out yet. . its the teal duel room..

--  Upper area  --
Tournament hall
Soon to be main area /(the blue are with 2 levels)/
the second lvl of the main area is going to be library. . . possibly .. i donno , we will see.
Admins room / restoraunt (not accessible currently only with noclip or teleport)

--  Soon to come  --
Members rooms
Training area (both jump and duel training .. maybe guns too .. we will see or maybe no training)
Public restoraunt (NO BAR -- its been done .. seriously)

Custom Textures : Yes  (2 textures are from jedicouncilgc that would be the green and red seat covers (brightened))
please contact the maker of jedicouncilgc as i was unsuccessful at it

Custom Shaders : Yes
Custom Botroutes : No (but once i learn how to make them .. there just may be.)
Custom Music : No
Custom other stuff : Well .. there is the map .. thats pretty custom
Secrets : oH yes.. credits page.. at the moment. .find it and get a cookie


The teleporter in the admin room does not have a target yet because its not yet been built

--  Developer  --

I am known online as Zin(_Xeran) , Killerbean or Grim(-Reaper).
If u have any questions:

E-mail : [email protected]
MSN : [email protected]
Icq/Aim : ----

--  Misc  --

The peacekeepers clan has been operating for a short time.
We were known as Jedi*Knights previously.
My ingame name in Jedi Outcast is |*PK*|Zin[C] or |PK|*Zin*[C] (but mostly first one).
Clan forum is 
and i know that its keapers not keepers .. 
dont ask me , the forum was made before i joined.

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